Sweet, gentle Stella found her forever home with a volunteer who came to the farm to help out and spent two days with her on great walks and enjoying her company in the barn. Stella put her head on her leg over and over again, gently asking for attention amidst all the chaos of the young dogs racing around. That sweet nature won her over since she had been thinking of again having a furry friend as her daily companion. Stella now will be side by side with her new guardian, adored day and night and happily enjoy walks and play. Stella now lives in CT.

STELLA: A petite 7 year old purebred Border Collie, Stella is one of the most gentle, sweet girls we've ever met. She is very very people oriented and loves to sit with you and happily give and get affection.  She is very smart and engages quickly with everyone she meets. Stella is a great age for a companion since she's not hyperactive or overly in need of constant motion but happy to go anywhere her person goes and loves to run and play. Stella is petite, about 35 pounds and not good with cats. 

Talented Tucker found his forever home with a guardian who loves agility, flyball and will even try herding if it makes him happy!  She came to tour the farm recently thinking of adopting in the future and just fell in love with Tucker so came back with her daughter for another day at the Farm to get to know him. He was exactly the high drive Border Collie she wanted to add to her family and aussie, Splash. Tucker will enjoy lots of sports as well as a lake at his new summer home which he will love since he is a big water boy! Tucker now lives in upstate NY.

TUCKER: A 2 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collie with papers, Tucker is a wonderful and delightful high energy, fun-loving border collie. He is absolutely ball crazy so would love a sports oriented home for lots of play. He could excel in anything athletic, particularly flyball. Tucker is very friendly, very outgoing and brilliant. He is eager to please and can learn very quickly. He is also good with other dogs and would be happy with another Border Collie for active, mental games. He is good with cats, good in the car and an all around great dog but not for an unseasoned Border Collie home. He is high intensity. He is typical in size for the breed, about 45 pounds. Tucker lived in one home his whole life and was relinquished to the farm due to a move. He came from western NY. 

Charming Charley found his forever home with another dog who was recently adopted from the farm, Myles now Moksha. Charley easily played with both Molly and Padma and the foursome was quite comfortable romping and chasing and enjoying a good doggie social event! Charley's guardian came to camp this summer and just fell in love with the breed and now is happy to have a houseful of furry friends. Charley lives in upstate NY.

CHARLIE: An adorable 7 month old Border Collie, Charlie is a sweetheart, just a love bug. He comes up for affection and attention and happily races and plays with any young Border Collie at the Farm. Charlie is friendly, easy going and jumped right into the doggie camp, meeting and greeting everyone. He is not showing herding instincts but does need a high energy fur friend to handle his play needs. He is great with other dogs and enjoys rough playing plus loves all toys. Charlie is smart, eager to please and willing to bond quickly so would be happy challenged with lots of learning and activities. He is good with cats. Charlie is a taller border collie than some, but not far out of the norm in size, about 40 pounds. Charlie was relinquished from a home in CT due to lack of time. 

Comical, sweet Paige found her forever home with adopters who got their first dog five years ago from us and really wanted another great addition to the family. They just fell in love with Paige and she with them so off she's gone to enjoy a life of adoration, lots of play and never having to worry about being chained out again. We are so happy for Paige who healed her trust issues and chose a loving life with people who really care. Paige now lives in CT. Jade is home waiting for Paige to arrive.

PAIGE: A petite 2 year old Border Collie mix, Paige is a character. She has a comical personality and loves to be in the middle of activities. She is very alert and observant. She can be a bit shy and nervous in first meetings but once she decides 'all is well', then that's how it is forever. She is a small girl and very agile, happily jumping onto a chair or anything to get attention. Her whole body wiggles when she is happy. Paige is fine with other dogs and likes the activity but could also be happy as the only dog. She is good with cats. She is about 30 pounds. Paige will blossom best in a home with people who understand dogs since she needs some time to feel secure. She came from a situation where she had been tied out so wasn't given opportunities to meet and greet everyone normally. She has done well at the farm and is learning that life is good! Paige came from a shelter in Perth Amboy, NJ, where she had been surrendered with her puppies, all delivered while still on the chain.  Paige is currently in a foster home in CT, has been trained on the invisible fence and can be seen at the Farm

Comical Archie found his forever home unexpectedly. He went to a foster home and within days, it was clear Archie and cats were not a good match so he was slated to return to the farm when the fosterer's neighbor fell in love with him. A special exception was made for Archie to visit overnight and of course, in his wonderful way, he won them over and the rest is history. Life without Archie made no sense to them so he's now happily living in New Hampshire!

ARCHIE: Archie is a 2 year old Border Collie mix who is completely interested in people and being with someone. He is super friendly, very very sweet and aims to please. He is good with other dogs so could easily mix with another fur friend. He is playful and spirited but not overly intense like a purebred so would be a good family dog. Archie loves the ball and really wants a human to play with him. A loving sweet guy, he could be part retriever. Archie is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was a stray in a PA shelter.

We have adopted "Lucky" from Chris in NJ.  We found him on your web site. It was love at first sight!  We have no concerns over his "handicap" of losing a leg.  Already he responds to his new name "Trey"; is spunky around other dog friends; is comfortable in his kennel at night; sits on command and runs like the wind. As you can see from the picture we are as happy as can be.  We are making a donation to your farm in honor of Chris and the others in NJ and PA who "rescued" him.  Our thanks to you and them for the new addition to our family. Lucky now lives in Binghamton NY

LUCKY: Little Lucky is lucky with an angel looking over his shoulder. At 5 months old, he was recently run over by a four wheeler, taken to the vet by the family who thought he was dead and carelessly had no interest in saving him. The vet felt otherwise cause this pup is sweet and brilliant with a wonderful spirit. Even with one leg gone, he has unbounded energy to do everything, meet everyone and basically enjoy life as a very happy go lucky Border Collie. Lucky bonds with people very quickly and loves to put his head right in your lap. He hops around very well and is learning to do stairs quickly (3-4 he's fine with but a whole flight is too much for him right now since he's still supposed to have his exercise restricted) . He rides very well in the car crated and is crate trained inside. His stitches come out at the end of August and he'll be ready for a loving home. Lucky is in Mount Olive Township, NJ in a foster home temporarily.  

Brilliant Bow caught the eye of one of our former adopters and she instantly knew this was the border collie she wanted to add to her pack! She has one other dog from the farm, Roxy, and felt that Bow was just too special to pass up. He of course won her heart quickly in person and now lives in NJ where he'll get to try agility,  just like the rest of her award winning furry friends.

BOW: A stunning 1 1/2 year old petite tri-color Border Collie, Bow is alert, ready to go and intensely focused. He is a classic Border Collie and will do best in a savvy Border Collie home. He is very sweet, affectionate and loves to play with all toys. Bow is very agile and because of his small, lean size could be a wonderful agility dog. He needs a physical and mental outlet like sports so will be best in an active home. He will be placed with older teenage children rather than young kids since he can be nippy like many Border Collies. Bow is good with cats. He can be the solo dog in the right situation or easily live with another Border Collie. Bow was relinquished to the farm from Long Island guardians who felt he would do better in an adult home. 

Beautiful Kate found her forever home at our 4th annual Rescue Reunion when one of our adopters met her and fell in love. They had been thinking of adding a fourth (they have two others from the farm - Wynn now Pyke and Jake now Gyp) and when they saw her picture online, they were eager to spend time with her while at the farm for a day of fun. She joined their gang easily and instantly become a furry friend they couldn't live without! Kate now lives in Ct and will get to enjoy tons of fun with dog play as well as agility.

KATE: A beautiful 8 month old Border Collie, Kate is sweet, smart and eager to bond. She's very affectionate and friendly with everyone but also a little shy so will do best with an outlet for building her confidence like agility or other sports. She loves to play with other Border Collies making up herding games. Kate is about 30 pounds, typical in size for her age and is good with cats. She came to the Farm from a shelter in TN that asked us for special help. 

Good natured and fun loving Pyke and Leea found a great family who loved their puppy playing and knew that having these two would be a blast! They will have lots of fun playing ball, racing around and of course, getting lots of hugs! Pyke and Leea now live in central NY, never to worry again about wandering on the streets.

LEEA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Leea is all action and would absolutely excel in any sport. She is attentive, focused and eager to play and wants very much to be with someone to play with her. She bonds quickly and is sweet and good natured about everyone and everything. Leea loves other dogs and would benefit from a dog friend as an outlet for her energy. She has not yet been tested on cats. She is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Leea was a stray in PA.

Cash found his forever home with two other furry friends and guardians who just adore this ball crazy boy and his sweet, friendly ways. He will have lots to do at his new home, playing, running, chasing and exploring the outdoors, including swimming which he loves. Cash now lives in upstate NY.

CASH: A striking 2 year old Border Collie, Cash is a sweetheart, ready to play ball and be in the center of action at all times. He is very friendly, energetic and smart. Cash is very alert and eager to interact with people so would be happiest where guardians had time for lots of activities with him as well as understand how to stimulate him mentally. He is very trainable for sports and absolutely loves retrieving a ball. Cash also loves the water and is a great swimmer.  He is great with other dogs and would enjoy a fur friend for sure. He is good with cats. Cash is about 50 pounds, carrying a few extra pounds which he will knock off easily at the farm. Cash was relinquished to the farm from a NJ family that was moving. 

Sweet Chelsea found the most wonderful home with two little girls who just loved this sweet pup exactly like she likes it...lots of hugs, attention and play. Chelsea sat right down next to them clearly picking her people. She'll have a great time, cuddling, playing, camping and hiking, getting to go everywhere! A real love bug, she won them over right away and will always count on lots of love and caring, never scrounging again for food or shelter. Chelsea in central NY.

CHELSEA: An adorable 8 month old Border Collie, Chelsea is very very playful and needs an outlet for her mind and body. She is friendly and fun and loves attention. A high energy girl, she would be happiest with another young dog for lots of play. She is smart, eager to please and loves people. She is not showing any herding instinct and is more focused on toys and racing around. Chelsea is a young pup, already housetrained and very responsive to training. She is typical in size for the breed, about 30 pounds now. She is good with cats. Chelsea was a stray in Watertown NY. 

Gorgeous Molly found her forever home where she'll have plenty of play time with other dogs as well as a real focus on agility day in and day out. She decided that dog play is already her big favorite. Molly now lives in NJ.

MOLLY is a beautiful petite border collie who is about a year and half old. She loves human interaction and has incredible athletic ability. She loves to play ball - anyone who has read about border collies that are obsessive about ball play, Molly should be the poster child! She is also very talented at Frisbee play. This girl given the right training should be competition bound. She's sweet and loving and has the most soulful eyes you could ever want for. She would probably be better off as an only dog, although having dog friends and visitors would be a good thing. She loves the interaction but likes her one on one time with her human(s). She's wonderful with children, not a mean bone in her body. She is ALL border collie - constantly on the go - and is looking for someone to share in her joie de vivre! Contact the Farm for more information on Molly.

Millie found a new home and a new name, Dottie, when she won 
everyone over with her soccer antics and charming personality, just tickled to have lots of people to play with and lots of attention. A real character full of comical antics, Dottie will now never have to worry about being a stray because she's found a family who adores her. 
Millie/Dottie now lives in CT.

MILLIE: A 5 year old Border Collie, Millie is a pretty tri-color Border Collie, Millie is a very easy going girl, very content to be around people or in the middle of action with lots of dogs. She is smart, alert and involved in everything around her but she is also fine just relaxing next to someone who gives her attention. Millie absolutely goes wild for soccer balls and will happily race after them for a serious game of retrieval. She also loves to catch the water from the hose, like most border collies who have a strong eye for things that move - she makes you chuckle with her focus! Millie is a bit overweight but will quickly loose that here at the Farm where she is active. Millie is not a tall border collie, she is more typical in size for females. She is not good with cats. Millie was a stray given to the farm from a PA shelter. She was found playing frisbee on the beach with a group of kids! 

Pyke went home with Leea.  See picture and story above.

PYKE: An 10 month old Border Collie mix, Pyke is a ball of fun. He is very very friendly, happy go lucky and just loves to play with people or dogs. He loves a game of chase with another dog and happily entertains himself for hours. Pyke is active since he is a puppy but not overly intense like a purebred so would be a great family dog. He is in the Camp Border Collie for Kids program now learning obedience and agility and doing beautifully. Pyke would be happy with another dog friend or in an active home. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Pyke was a stray in the Watertown NY area due to be destroyed due to space. 

Kelly found her forever home with a new friend, Sawyer, who just loves being chased by her and making up all kinds of games with toys, which Kelly loves, too. They were a perfect match of action and wits. Kelly now lives in on a 10 acre farm in Western NY.

KELLY: A beautiful 4 year old Border Collie with papers, Kelly is a sweet, friendly girl who loves attention. She is fairly low key and easy going, sometimes even shy at first, because she mostly enjoys being a companion to people. She does not have strong herding instincts. She likes toys and the companionship of other dogs but does best with submissive males. Kelly is good with cats. She is a bit overweight from a sedate life with little exercise but she is quickly trimming down at the Farm. She was relinquished from CT due to lack of time. 

Great Gil found his forever home with another dog from the farm, Chelsea and a loving family who just adore the breed and wanted two for the joy of play and fun. Gil and Chelsea will have lots of land and toys and love for sure! Both Gil and Chelsea love being in the arms or the little girls who just think they are the cutest creatures alive! Gil now lives in upstate NY.
Little Gem found the perfect home with two other dogs from the farm, Bandit & Pyke, and loving guardians who just fell in love with her. She was totally curious about them and happy to be in their arms cuddling. Gem will enjoy 100 acres of land at the horse farm where they live and work so will happily explore the great outdoors and always have a warm loving home, too. GEM now is called Lillie and lives in New Hampshire.
Gorgeous Gayle found her forever home with another Border Collie previously adopted from the farm, Tag. She quickly found her way into the hearts of her new guardians with her sweet request for belly rubs and gentle good nature of lots of cuddles. Little Gayle will have a life of Border Collie heaven, with lots of toys, running and playing. She now lives in New Hampshire and will also have a warm bed and wonderful hearts who adore her.

Sweet Lukie found his forever home with another Border Collie who happened to be the sibling to Charley and the daughter of Kelly recently surrendered to the Farm (from the same litter in CT). Lukie and Lucy instantly had a great bond, both a bit shy at first and gentle sweet dogs. It was clearly a wonderful duo to put together. Lukie now lives in Ct and will be forever loved.

LUKIE: A striking 1 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collie, Lukie is a sweetheart, very interested in everything around him. He is affectionate and loves attention though he can be very shy with men so will need patient guardians who understand how to build his confidence. Lukie is interested in toys and very playful. He is good with other dogs and likes to be with people. A real sweet natured Border Collie, Lukie will be a terrific companion. Lukie is about 35 pounds and would be best with cats that are used to dogs He was relinquished to the Farm due to his guardian's heart attack which caused all the animals to be given up due to a move.  Lukie is currently in a foster home in CT and can be seen at the Farm

RY has a new home!! We are so excited for Ry because he is going to a great home with a friend of the Farm who has volunteered here numerous times and just fell in love with him. Her two border collies, Rylee and Meg, also thought he was the most fun of any dog here and continually played and played. Little Ry is ready for his new life with a loving, caring guardian who will guide him through the next development to an even happier dog. Ry will never have to worry again that he will be left alone, unwanted, literally out in the cold.  Ry now lives in Massachusetts.

RY: A 1 yr old Border Collie, Ry is a very intelligent dog who is curious about everything. He is also adorable, a real character - he even likes to sleep on his back with his legs up in the air!  He is very alert and resourceful, happy to check out anything and everything. He is interested in all activities though still a bit shy around people, especially new people. He will need a patient guardian to continue building his confidence and trust. He knows sit and kennel-up and is learning to walk on a loose leash. Ry is a typically active young pup so will do best with another dog or two plus he is most comfortable with other dogs around. Since Ry came from a situation without a lot of human contact, he will need understanding and patience without expectations so would do best in an adult home. He is typical in size for a pup. He is not good with cats. Ry came from a collector in PA where all the dogs were confiscated by the SPCA. 

Daring Decker found his forever home with guardians who love agility and thought Decker's toy drive and zest for play would be just perfect in their family. Decker is joining two furry friends who also love toys, racing around and agility so he'll have no shortage of lots to do. Decker now lives on 20 acres in upstate NY.

DECKER: Decker is a 1  1/2 year old Border Collie who is very playful, absolutely loves toys and is friendly with everyone he meets. With beautiful markings, he is striking. He may have been born with the shorter tail, like some of the dogs who have come into rescue. Decker is a happy guy who likes to join in any activity and loves to play with other dogs. He is very smart and responds quickly to interacting with people so could easily excel in flyball or agility or any other fun activity. Decker is great in the car and is good with cats.  He is typical in size for the breed, about 40 pounds. He was a stray in upstate NY given to the farm from the animal control officer who contacted us who felt this great dog really deserved a chance to find his home. 

Beautiful Bailey found his forever home with another furry friend and guardians who are real border collie lovers and wanted to have another in their life again. They were drawn to Bailey's great looks and winning personality as a friendly guy ready for a new life with loving people. Bailey will never have to live outside on a chain again, left alone without companionship. He will be forever adored. Bailey now lives in PA.

BAILEY: A 3 year old border collie, Bailey is a friendly, happy boy, curious about everything and eager to play with other dogs. He can be a little shy upon first meetings but overcomes that quickly. Bailey is smart, alert and learning new things each day since he lived outside for most of his life. He is loving life in a home and doing beautifully. Bailey is very obedient and bonds quickly. He has been to the local dog park and visiting in other homes with different dogs and has done really well. He has not yet been tested on cats. Bailey is about 34 pounds, typical in size. He was originally to be a herding dog but the family had no time to pursue this so he was kept tied up outside. He is being fostered in Pittsburgh PA and can be seen there. 

Sweet Carson has found his forever home with his foster family who have fallen in love with him and after nurturing him through his rough start of fears and nipping, are proud to see him so happy and settled. Staying with them was the perfect decision for all involved. Carson now lives in upstate NY and he even sings when they play the harmonica...a perfect celebration of joy for a happy Border Collie!

CARSON: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Carson is very very people oriented and wants to play. He is lively but not overly active but truly wants to be with people. He is smart, alert and sensitive. Carson is very playful, likes toys and would respond well to training. Carson  has not yet been tested on cats. He is about 30 pounds, fairly petite.  He has a small injury on one eye which is starting to heal. Carson was a stray in Brooklyn.  Carson is in a foster home nearby and can be met at the Farm.

Bear found his forever home with a wonderful family who fell in love with him at an agility trial and felt he would fit perfectly with their other border collie, Mic. Bear now has forever love and caring and lives in Buffalo.

BEAR is a 1 1/2 yr. old border collie who gets along w/ children, cats and other dogs. Bear had to be tied outside, due to allergies in the family, and they knew he deserved better.   Bear will thrive w/ a family that is patient with him, giving him time to feel that he belongs. Obedience and/or agility training would be great confidence boosters. He was reluctantly given up by his family in NY due to allergies.  He is being fostered in Buffalo, NY  and gets along w/ the other dogs there and is enjoying being part of a family again and living inside.  He can be seen in Buffalo or at the Farm.

Comet found his forever home quickly and clearly as he chose his new furry friend, Daisie, with lots of play wrestling and games.  It was a wonderful match to see unfold and he also chose his new guardians giving lots of kisses and attention, happy to have his new home. Comet will now enjoy long walks at the ocean as well as tons of fun in his own backyard. Comet lives in the Hamptons, NY.

COMET: A gorgeous 10 month old Border Collie, Comet is true to his name- very fast, very agile and full of energy. He loves to run and cut and angle, playing chase with other dogs. He is very smart, alert and eager to be involved in everything around him. Comet is very playful, easy going and needs an outlet for his body and mind, ideally with another young Border Collie. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He has not yet been tested on cats. A friendly boy, he is happy to try pretty much anything and go anywhere, though can be shy with men at first. Comet was relinquished to the Farm due to energy levels. He came from PA. 

Brae and Hollie found their forever home together with another furry friend, Ellie on 150 acres at a horse farm where they'll be constant companions of their new guardians, helping to do chores and enjoy life hiking on trails. Brae charmed them with her sweet nature as Hollie made fast friends with Ellie, racing around like long lost friends. They now live happily in upstate NY.

HOLLIE: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Hollie is a sweetheart, so happy to meet everyone and be with people. She is very easy going and playful but not overly intense like some border collies. A really affectionate girl, she wants to be friends with everyone and all dogs. She gets along with other dogs just fine and could be happy with furry friends or as the solo dog. She is good with cats.  Hollie is carrying some extra weight due to her last home where she did not get enough exercise. She was adopted from the farm 1 1/2 years ago and returned recently due to a divorce. Hollie originally came from Brooklyn NY. 

BREA - therapy dog potential
Brea went home with Hollie - see below for story

Brae is so easy going and loving that she would easily make a wonderful therapy dog companion, calmly able to be with people and respond to their touch and give her love back. 

Lexx found his forever home as a companion to someone who loves the breed and the close bond they form. He met Lexx, had a few belly rubs and toy throws and was quite sure that they would be good friends for life. Lexx will go everywhere with him and also enjoy a great yard for lots of exploring and trail walks nearby. Lexx was very very content to have his new human and new life. He now lives in PA.

LEXX: A 2 year old Border Collie, Lexx is an outgoing friendly people dog, ready to be with anyone and everyone. He is very smart, alert and interested in everything around him. He loves toys of all kinds and wants to play all the time, though is not overly intense like younger dogs. Lexx is good with other dogs and happy to make up border collie games or would be happy in a home where he was a constant companion to his person. He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Lexx is good with cats. He was relinquished to the farm by a caring friend who stepped in to help get him to rescue. He came from the NY area. 

Roy found his forever home with a border collie friend, Cosmo, who had come to camp last summer and had such a good time, his  guardians decided that adding another to their life was the right thing  to do. Roy won their hearts with his sweet nature while they were  volunteering at the Farm this weekend. Roy will get to try agility  along with Cosmo who loves the sport. Roy now lives happily in NJ. 


Thanksgiving cheer came to the farm today when Tibbs and Lass were adopted together! We are so incredibly happy that such wonderful guardians came with the idea that having older dogs was the perfect fit for their lives and that these special two dogs could live together, loved forever....As they said, "we are older so we want older dogs and we love having ready made companions and giving dogs a home that really deserve it". They thought these two were absolutely adorable. Both Lass and Tibbs, much like a married couple, play around each other, checking out who has what and yet happy to be on their own, in the spotlight. 

We are so thankful for kind people who open their hearts and make room in their lives for older dogs. Lass and Tibbs will be living in upstate NY on their very own 6 1/2 acre farm. A special thanks to Meg Ramsay for planting the seeds to help this be a reality.

TIBBS: A 12 year old Border Collie mix (with the energy of a 6 yr old), Tibbs is a sweet, loving dog who loves to be with people. He follows his person everywhere and is very friendly to everyone he meets. He does well with other dogs and likes to play, but is just as happy to play with his person. He is also great in the car and happy to accompany you on rides. A very obedient dog, he is eager to please, comes when called and walks well on leash. Tibbs is good with cats and weighs 40 pounds. He has lived in one home all his life but the death of his guardian left him without a home. He is being fostered in southern NJ and can be seen there but will be adopted at the Farm. 

Lass went home with Tibbs - see story above

LASS: An athletic, petite 7 1/2 year old Border Collie, Lass is a classic Border Collie, ready to play and race after anything thrown to retrieve, be it frisbees or balls. She is very agile and super fast, using her border collie 'eye' to wait for just the right moment to burst with energy chasing after a toy. She is a delight to watch! Lass is very sweet, a bit shy (except with toys) and is great with other dogs and cats. Lass is most comfortable around adults as she becomes nervous around young children and wants to hide.  She is about 35 pounds. She was relinquished from a local breeder. 

Contact us:  sweetbcrescue@citlink.net


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