wins a special spot in our hearts"

Afraid of any confrontation, Gwen hit the deck, belly up, hoping for escape from anything negative about to happen. Though nothing negative did happen, it’s taken months for her to trust this and still, sometimes, she forgets and fears the worst.

This very sweet, gentle girl came to us with so many worries, with people, with dogs, with anything new, we wanted to give her plenty of time to heal.  Gwen has improved but the big world is not so easy for her and we feel at GHF, she can succeed without much expectation or pressure.  Whatever time it takes for her to believe that people won’t hurt her, she will have. Gwen also coveted ‘her person’ as if like being on a lifeboat, not trusting she could survive without them, which

made her growl and charge off all the dogs coming nearby. Even that has changed and again, over time, we know she’ll transform. Gwen needs sophisticated help with her issues that are multi-faceted - from charging and nipping people to growling and charging dogs to a panic as people reach for her - she is a complex girl with a troubled history. We are happy to help her join our lives, a safe haven for her to blossom.

 The Surprise

RYE aka RYLEE/ RALLY is staying at the Farm, joining our resident pack. He's a sweet guy with a lot of issues and needs that make him a challenge so giving him an easier life without expectations just made sense. This beautiful young guy seemed delightful upon arrival but quickly showed significant handling issues as well as issues with men and severecar chasing behaviors, all in addition to his damaged front elbow. He's quite a package for most people in real life' but here at the Farm, he fits in fine. He slid into a very tolerant group of Border Collies, the majority of which, landed with us for similar reasons. We're happy to give Rye a wonderful life. Over the years ahead, we know he'll heal some of

his worries yet other aspects of who he is, will never change. We've fallen in love with the whole 'package'…a brilliant and very quirky BC!

"Quirky" finds his Normal

OLLIE was adopted a year ago and landed back at the Farm through no fault of his own  - however, upon this return, it was clear that this boy had a bunch of issues that made him very challenging to live with in a normal setting - OCD behaviors, car chasing, big kid issues and a high-pitched squeal talking to you about everything he wants! A gorgeous sweetheart but coming with a package of quirks that make adoption difficult. So, we tucked him in the founder’s home with the pack of other challenging dogs who had no place to go and he fit like a glove. So, OLLIE IS HOME…no need to send him anywhere when he’s handling this rural setting beautifully without all the stimulation that sends him in the wrong direction.

He’s already enjoying hikes on the trails, hanging with the pack making up herding games and is much more at ease about life. We’re happy to offer him a life where he can thrive, forever.

FLIP - Sweet

FLIP now joins Hunter to live in the Founder's Home forever! After 2 1/2 years in rescue, it's the right thing for Flip. He loves the Farm and certainly is loving his new life, hanging with a great pack of BC buddies. He'll enjoy plenty of trail walks, lots of ball play and have tons of love. Flip's been adopted twice but always had too many worries with visitors in each home so came back. While we had hoped just the right person might fall in love and help him handle the big world, he's waited long enough, so he's now set for life here at GHF! He's joining many others in the Founder's home who had no other place to go where all their worries and OCD behaviors could be understood and managed successfully.
We're happy to have this sweet boy share his affection with us and know that everyone who has met him, will agree this boy deserved this simpler and GREAT life with us!

Ana's Angels
-Michelle Ouellette & GHF alum, Telos
-GHF Reunion Alums
-Bill & Marilyn Williams & Nicky (GHF Alum), and Gabe 

ANA is going to remain at GHF now returning from her foster home so she can be supported and loved in the safety of the country setting here. Her curious nature leads her to enjoy all that nature has to offer and we know she will be happiest without any more changes.

A huge thanks to the Catteneo family who kindly fostered Ana for almost 3 years, helping her experience the love of a family and a new journey with humans who care deeply.

ANA: A petite 9 year old Border Collie, Ana is very shy but becoming more courageous as time goes by. She is intrigued by all the changes in her life but needs the greatest reassurance to bravely try anything new. She is so incredibly gentle and sweet and so wants to trust people. Ana loves to chase the other dogs and is really coming out of her shell, step by step. She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. Ana suffered through an awful situation caged inside without access to the outside and without appropriate care of any kind, part of a breeder operation. She requires a fenced yard.  Ana can jump a fence so needs a high fenced yard and continual supervision outside. If she hears sounds that scare her, she may bolt away from her person in a panic so she is a flight risk.

ZENA is a ‘special needs’ Border Collie who arrived at age 2 in 2010 where GHF became her third home because she was ’too much’. High energy and super smart, her nature was more than a typical Border Collie. Unbeknownst to the previous guardians, Zena is an obsessive shadow chaser. This genetic trait was triggered somewhere in her past but created behaviors that made her very difficult to live with, a fully OCD dog.

These OCD traits, once genetically triggered, can rarely be modified without serious behavior modification and drug therapy. While other OCD Border Collies had come to GHF, Zena was by far, the worst to land her so it was impossible to find adoption interest. Zena resides at GHF with other unadoptable dogs. Her behaviors are extremely challenging to live with since she requires continual management day and night.

Zena will endlessly bark at shadows cast by the sun on the ground and then dig up the dirt wherever she is barking, over stimulated by the ‘light’ she sees. She will run endlessly in repetitive patterns, chasing ’things’ she sees on the ground or in the air, even at night. She will also lick the furniture where any sunlight is cast from a window and bite at the wall, going through the drywall to ‘catch the sun’ there. Any reflection anywhere in the house sends her into a frenzy to ‘get it’. Zena is also a horrible car chaser while riding as she barks constantly at anything moving past her, even in a covered crate. When she is fully in the OCD cycle, she will not respond to being called her name or to anyone she knows - she is lost in this world.

Fortunately, when not in OCD mode, Zena is very sweet and affectionate. She is also very smart but overly sensitive so cannot handle much human pressure asking her to do particular obedience tasks. This high level of sensitivity is typical in OCD dogs who are fragile in their balance in the world.

HUNTER came to GHF in 2010, at 3 years old, abandoned at a shelter due to growling at the toddler in the house. He was described as a car chaser and high energy. Hunter, while clearly smart, had his own agenda from the day he arrived til now. Turns out, he is a severe car chaser, so bad that when adopted from GHF into a home not near any road, the adopters placed large trash bags over their windows, hoping to settle him down. Hunter was returned.

This complex Border Collie, has the great looks and intensity of a working dog but without that outlet, he reverted to car chasing as his job. And, obsessive compulsive behaviors when he was frustrated. If he was bored or could not chase nearby cars, he would madly bark at the ground and grab the grass and dirt, throwing it in the air, wildly digging at the earth. He would enter a ‘zone’ of OCD patterns that was very challenging to live with. While Hunter would respond to intervention by calling his name, he then needed to be occupied with activity or he would revert to barking and repeating the same behavior. Hunter also severely guards his toys and bones, ready to defend his items and bite to make a human go away. This OCD nature, along with car chasing and resource guarding, made him very unadoptable.

Hunter was languishing in rescue because potential adopters feared a lifestyle of constant management. In fact, this IS the case so we knew GHF was the only place for Hunter. His ‘normal’ nature was loving, sweet and people oriented so he deserved a real life where the outer world was managed to bring him into more normalcy. A high privacy fence now stretches hundreds of feet to block out the rural traffic so that Hunter can focus on human interaction.

Hunter, today, is happily lounging on the bed and couch as a GHF resident, loving life. He has his barking moments and his car chasing moments but with the outer world controlled, this wonderful good-natured dog can surface, loving human attention and flourishing.

ROZE landed at GHF at age 4 in 2011, already with a varied history, in a shelter as a stray and then adopted and returned due to nipping. Her wariness was quite obvious as well as her sensitivity to being handled. She ducked away to avoid contact and worried when anyone approached, submissively turning away, barely tolerating touch, very fearful. If pushed, Roze was liable to nip again or worse yet, bite.

Roze was happiest without a lot of human attention. After one failed adoption introduction, it was in Roze’s best interest to make her life easier by becoming a resident. Year after year, Roze relaxed. It’s taken many years for her to let go of the worries from earlier life but she is more trusting now knowing that no one will over-pressure her at the Farm. She will never be totally fear-less and can easily revert to that desire to flee human touch but her first desire is to seek out attention, hoping for a ball toss and quick pat on the head.

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