Special & sweet, were happy hes here

ROSSI is home, staying at GHF with the founders. This remarkable pup blew our hearts open as he bravely tackled a tough disease where something as simple as eating is so hard, megaesophagus. Spoonful by spoonful, we grew so very, very close and watched as he improved, but well aware that his future would be uncertain. A tough disease with no guarantees and anything able to go amiss at any time, we want him to be here to tackle whatever lies ahead.  Rossi is loving life being a Border Collie in a big pack, racing, chasing and playing all day. We know his life is a delicate balance of fun and careful monitoring for any sign of aspiration pneumonia so we are committed to giving him all he needs.  We love this little guy and his courageous spirit and will share his journey, forever, no matter the ups or downs.We lovingly welcome Rossi officially to GHF as a resident!

Dougie's Angels
-Jared & Frances Markowitz
-Chihiro T Fukuda
-Alexis Ressler and Arnie Kozak
-Vicki B. and Cookie, with hugs
-Abe & Kathy Cleason, GHF Alum Sparky In memory of Jessie
-Marilyn Moore, Nancy Brown & GHF alum, Genie; in memory of GHF alum, Cooper
-Nancy Scanlon, in memory of GHF alum, Daisy

DOUGIE will remain at GHF as a Sanctuary Resident since weve uncovered a complex medical situation that could shorten his life. His extremely low blood sugar levels are reflective of insulinoma (cancer) or a rare disease - nesidioblastosis. Cornell evaluations could not identify which condition exists but his symptoms require continual monitoring. He requires numerous small meals to maintain his glucose levels to prevent seizures or worsening fatigue and he will likely need steroids and/or medications as things progress. Since Dougie is in a fragile and unpredictable state, we felt his happiness would be best served by remaining at the Farm. He happily enjoys trail walks and the action of the other BCs. He is frequently rested after anything he does since his condition leaves him weakened. We will not pursue surgery for his ACL situation since he is no longer a candidate for that operation.

Dougie is full of energy and the will to be a normal focused, energetic Border Collie so well be sure to give him all that he can enjoy for as long as its possible. Everyone at GHF and those who have met him at the vet offices, absolutely fall in love with this very, very special boy.

We are grateful for the ability to help Dougie and appreciate the donations for his care. No matter how long he is with us, it will be the grandest time we can create for this marvelous Border Collie!

DOUGIE: An 8 year old Border Collie, Dougie is a clever guy with lots on his mind, easy to see he thinks about everything around him thoroughly - smart is smart! He is super sweet and friendly and doing well with his new spot at GHF, blending with other BCs and finding the place pretty interesting. Hes a big toy boy and will give quite a tug on his favorite toy of the moment as well as enjoying some ball play. Dougie is very people focused and bonds strongly and quickly so would love to be someones special friend again. He came to GHF due to a move when his guardians returned from NYC to Australia, with no way to manage his return due to the cost. He was a beloved friend living in one home since a pup til this recent change. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. Dougie also has a genetic orthopedic problem, born without hip sockets so does require pain medication to make him more comfortable. Like most Border Collies, Dougie handles life as if none of this is a problem though he will need less exercise than most dogs his age. He will only be placed in a home with one level since stairs would not be possible for Dougie.

Special thanks to Vicki Buono for transporting Dougie to GHF.


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