Frannie's Angels
-Eve Ehrlich & Steve Jensen, In Memory of sweet Mittens
-Karen & Clem Arrison & DeeDee & Reggie
-“In honor of the GHF team & their amazing work”, the Strano family

Sweet FRANNIE charmed us all upon her arrival in late September and we had so hoped she’d find a new home to call her own and in fact, she did and it’s the Farmhouse Senior Sanctuary.  This petite ball nut has very diminished eyesight which seems to be worsening and she has very diminished hearing, if any.  It would be so unfair for her to be separated from her BC pal, Betsie, since they clearly are quite a well matched pair.

So we welcome Frannie home permanently at GHF!  We all just adore her and the antics between she and Betsie are so fun to see!

FRANNIE: A petite 11 year old Border Collie, little Frannie is a spitfire about her toys, truly coming to life non-stop for play and loving the game with her person. She is full of spunk even with a backend that’s a bit wobbly - there's no stopping this girl from her game! She is curious and outgoing with a new setting and wants to say hello to people. Frannie has hearing deficits so will need a fenced yard. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

Storm's Angels
-Tim Hunt, Christine Bamberger with Charlotte & GHF alum, Harry. In loving memory of Silkie
-Theresa & Sam Barrington

We’ve been watching Storm unfold at GHF since his arrival, tucking him in the Founder’s home so he would have less stress at his age. He’s done really well and seems incredibly content so decided, it’s in his best interest, to let him reside here as a Sanctuary resident. Storm loves the large field to explore and of course, ‘works’ the other dogs on the fence, keeping him stimulated and involved, but of course, it’s his ball play that he makes him happiest. He is the constant companion to one of the Founders, laying right by his feet til the next ball toss and then joins in with two other Residents who love the ball just as much.

STORM: At age 12, Storm has made a return trip to GHF, though many years from when he started with us, at 10 weeks old in 2005. He was part of a litter born at the Farm, actually first litter ever! He was a bright pup with lots of energy and now, is a content senior, a bit calmer but still full of spunk - he loves to play ball non-stop! He's settling in to a new situation with composure, making sense of it all as best he can and we're doing everything possible to give him a warm welcome back! Storm is at the Founder’s home where he can be the center of attention, hanging with just two other Border Collies which had been his normal situation til recently. His guardians had a lifestyle change which meant Storm would have a more urban setting, not what suited him. He’s had a great life of herding lessons, swimming in the ocean, lots of ball play and hikes so is very used to an active situation. Storm could enjoy joining a small pack of ball dogs like himself or be the solo dog, as a loyal companion. He is not yet tested on cats and weighs about 50 pounds.


Betsie's Angels
-Karen & Clem Arrison & DeeDee & Reggie
 As we’ve gotten to know BETSIE, it’s clear that she’s a happy, healthy senior with lots of energy to herd other dogs and enjoy life. And, it’s also clear she’ll be happiest in the simpler, dog focused life at GHF.  She is very skittish about anyone new and has taken a very long time to accept our Senior Caretaker so at her age, we’ll just let her take whatever time she needs to find her way. We’ll adjust to suit her comfort level without forcing her into a new world.  We’re happy to have this petite sweetheart here and will enjoy watching her unfold.  Welcome to the Farmhouse Sanctuary Betsie!

BETSIE: A petite 13 year old Border Collie, Betsie is quite the herder, very eager to chase and circle and catch the action of another BC with a toy. She is normally very shy but comes right to life when she has action to follow - quite adorable. Betsie has just arrived at GHF so we’ll update her bio after we spend more time with her during the hiatus and handle her vet needs fully. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

Mandy's Angels
-Annette Otis, in honor of the adoption anniversary GHF alum, Keene!
MANDY came to GHF in April of 2017 and is turning 13 this November so it’s time to let the marvelous Mandy know she belongs with us, til her final days. She’s very, very comfortable here and loves to meander through the Farm yard checking out all the action, content for a stroll and then return to her spot at the Senior Sanctuary, barking at other BC’s nearby! While we had hoped someone might come to adopt her, she does have a challenging quirk during storms where she truly panics so much she will bite you. After learning how to safely manage through that panic, it seems best now a year older, for Mandy to stay with people who know her well. A big permanent welcome to beautiful Miss Mandy!!!

MANDY: A 12 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Mandy is a gorgeous girl who loves people more than anything at all..even the ball won’t deter her from being close by her person. She is super sweet and very loving, a devoted friend which she has been all her years til the loss of her person. Mandy is making great strides with all the change around her and truly enjoying the activity and attention of a more active life, blossoming before our eyes. She can be a very sensitive girl and needs reassurance that everything makes sense, most likely from all the change she has experienced. Mandy is a very special girl with a huge heart she wants to share again…we can clearly feel that. Mandy is also a strong female BC so best as a solo dog though in her history, did visit dog parks. At this point, dogs are the last thing she desires. Mandy is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. Mandy is VERY thunder-phobic so will need a special person to understand her reactions. She also needs a fenced yard

Buddy's Angels
-Bill & Tracy Blevins & GHF alums, Grace, age 13 & Tucker, age 11

BUDDY: A 14 year old Border Collie mix, Buddy aka Flashy (when he was here before at GHF), is back due to a divorce where the wife no longer wanted him and the husband could not meet his needs. We are happy to help this sweet guy at this tough age where this big change is challenging. He’s trying to make sense of it all, befriending a couple of the female BC’s at the Farmhouse Sanctuary. A sweet guy without many demands, he is settling on his bed to rest as he thinks through what everything means. It’s heart-wrenching to watch this age dog thrown into turmoil but we are glad to be the safety-net til the end of his life and appreciate that the GHF adopter remembered we would help. Buddy is going to reside at GHF til his death since he has been bounced around in his lifetime. He was adopted in 2007 at 3 years old and returned when the adopter had a baby that made him nervous. Then adopted in 2010 and back again now. He was originally found in a NJ shelter at 1 1/2 years old so Buddy has been through SEVEN moves in his life, unbelievably handling it all with courage.

The Sanctuary for Seniors is such an important place for good dogs to find save haven when bad things happen in their lives.

Buddy, like all the seniors taken into GHF, will receive quality medical care and diagnostics needed to be sure he is feeling pain-free and as comfortable as possible. A former vet said he has Cushings Disease but has not received any treatment so we will investigate his needs quickly.


Leo's Angels
-Jeff Mcguire

LEO: At age 14, Leo is handling this big change to GHF pretty well! His former guardian said Leo was flexible and we can see that he certainly seems that way. He is loving his frisbee like usual and handling the four other senior BC’s just fine, not minding the canine companionship at all. He’s used to living as the only BC but seems intrigued with all the action at the Founder’s home. He already adores the Co-Founder who much like his former male guardian, is around a lot, giving him lots of attention! So we are pleased to see that Leo is content and we hope will thrive as a new resident. At this age, we don’t want to ask him to make another move so he is welcome to be here through the final days, whatever that may be. His former guardian had to make a cross country move and knew that it was unfair to ask that of Leo, who was used to a big country life at his PA farm.

Special thanks to Carol Cunningham who spotted Bodie on the shelter’s facebook page and made sure he made it to GHF.

Bodie's Angels
-Scottie Burkhalter, In memory of GHF alums, Russy and JayJay

BODIE: At 14, Bodie is a sweet, sweet cuddler, one of the greatest couch nappers around!  He also loves his frisbee and ball, giving a good tear around the Farm field. He has joined other Seniors in the Farmhouse Sanctuary, living the good life, healing well from a severe flea allergy and clear neglect.  When Animal Control investigated, the house was deplorable and two other dogs that lived with him were also abandoned. All that is behind him now and he’s clearly enjoying his new life at GHF.

Like Brayden and Shaye, these cases can thankfully turn around but it takes time, a lot of time, and special medical care.

CLYDE: A 14 year old Border Collie, sweet, wonderful Clyde needed a safe place to land when his guardian had to move to Australia for work. Putting Clyde through a difficult quarantine process wouldn’t have been fair so he reached out to GHF to give Clyde a loving home til his days are done. This charming fella arrived ready to herd the other dogs and catch a ball though lost his balance a few times with that weak back-end of his. No matter that challenge, he was up again and ready to be the Border Collie he is, still in his mind! We are happy to help and glad the GHF Senior Sanctuary is here to give him comfort and stimulation which all Border Collies need to match their lively spirit! He was right at home within hours of landing here, a thumbs up for his new home, amazingly resilient.

Special thanks to Ann Gardner who helped make it possible for Bradley to land at GHF.

Bradley's Angels
-Karen & Clem Arrison & DeeDee & Reggie
BRADLEY, at 14 years old, finds himself at GHF and we’re happy he’s landed here. He is the sweetest guy, loves everyone and is up for this big change, curious and eager to meet the other Border Collies! He has a wonderful nature, having lived in one home since a puppy, clearly loved. His previous guardian hit hard times and felt Bradley would do best at the Senior Sanctuary, rather than home alone 10 hours with his new job and a move. We agreed and are happy to help. We’ve treated Bradley's medical needs healing a serious skin infection, ear infection, and had a dental to remove some horrible teeth so he’s now feeling better. He’s now also on pain meds for his backend issues so really moving around great! His spirit is strong and his will is classic Border Collie so he’s renewed to being a ‘youngster’ again! He is about 50 pounds and good with cats so will enjoy our Farmhouse cat, Blu, making friends with her as well as the other seniors!

Bo's Angels
-Sue & Bob Strange, in memory of Dudley & Nell
BO: A 19 year old Border Collie mix, Bo needed a place to hang his hat when his person had to move to a campground that didn’t take dogs.  He’s lived with one person since 6 months old so this is not the easiest change for him but we’re working hard to give him the feeling of home. Bo is now our office dog so he has someone with him almost all the time which he loves. This sweet, wonderful boy quietly lays inside, undisturbed by all the activity cause he just loves being WITH someone!  Bo is also quite athletic, faster than most seniors we see, going for a speedy run around the yard. He’s happy as can be when he can run and explore.  He is great with other dogs and cats alike. Bo has had all had all the health diagnostics done and doing beautifully.  He’s a petite guy, at 30 pounds. He was purchased by his guardian long ago, at a PA flea market. 

BO, is officially the oldest senior in Border Collie rescue at GHF, ever! He is turning 19 this month! Bo is in foster care in Ct with a GHF adopter, Cheryl Lewis, and her BC pack, happily sharing her home and her heart with this sweet boy. We are so grateful that he is having a grand time! He loves the walks on the Ct beach!

Special thanks to Cheryl Lewis for fostering Bo in CT

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