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Frannie's Angels
-Maureen & Dick Ware & GHF alums, Robby & Gem
-Deb Myers & GHF alum, Logi
Resident FRANNIE charmed us all upon her arrival in late September 2016 at age 11, coming from a confiscation situation where her care was seriously lacking but her spirit was so strong. This little spitfire loved toys and had a natural focus for action so once her medical needs were handled, she regained physical strength. She came to GHF with BC pal, Betsie, both inseparable so while Frannie’s health had improved, much of her strength came from this bond so it was unfair to separate them. Frannie’s eyesight has been failing as are her hips but with a boost now and then and a bit of patience as she finds her way, she continues to radiate pure joy. A gentle, good-natured girl, we hope Frannie has more years ahead.

Storm's Angels
-Theresa & Sam Barrington
-Aki Ohno

At age 12, Resident STORM returned to GHF just before Christmas 2017 when his guardians moved south for warmer living.  Adopted in 2005 as a 10 week old puppy, Storm had a full life with lots to do over the years but now needed a safe place for his final years.  He’s in the Founder’s home where he has 24/7 companionship with other seniors and a person to call his own which he really craves. Such a gentle, good-natured guy, he loves attention with a good belly rub and a few ball tosses. His favorite activity is outdoor walks in the field to ‘work the perimeter’ and see the world, Border Collie style. He does have medical conditions that require monitoring so he’s carefully watched for any downturn in his health. Storm was part of the very first litter of pups to come to GHF!  

As stated in the adoption contract, any GHF dog has a forever place if they need to come back. While Storm had a confusing few months, he has settled into his new situation well and likes all the BC action!

Betsie's Angels
-David & Caitlin Musto & their BC, Stella
-Jim Duffy & Rene Douglas, in honor of Lena

Resident BETSIE arrived at GHF fall of 2016, estimated to be 11 years old. Part of a large confiscation of Border Collies, she came into rescue in very, very rough condition.  With no evidence of any veterinary care, Betsie needed immediate help. Dental extractions were critical to improving her health. Undiagnosed lyme has been challenging to manage with continued titers at very high levels and her heart murmur also requires careful monitoring.  Thankfully, Betsie has gained ground to enjoy more vibrant years, along with her pal, Frannie, who she clearly adores.  Considering Betsie’s physical state, a simpler life remaining at GHF was warranted. This petite girl is really thriving and a joy to see so much happier with her herding instinct full force, rounding up all her pals non-stop.

Mandy's Angels
-Marcy Levine
-Sara Baldwin-Beneich

Resident MANDY arrived in 2017 at 11 1/2 years old finding herself homeless with the death of her guardian. Once a cherished friend, she was distraught with all the changes, landing in a shelter before coming to GHF. Super sensitive and thoughtful, Mandy really needed less pressure and some semblance of quiet and a person connecting to her. Leary of new people and new settings, Mandy continued to show fearful reactions that made it hard to consider moving her yet again. She needed life to again make sense so GHF became her home. Her last vetting of 2 years prior, had not detected her heart murmur but otherwise, she was strong and healthy and blossoming.

Buddy's Angels
-Bill & Tracy Blevins & GHF alums, Grace, age 13 & Tucker, age 11
-Cathy & Steve Bouck and Lincoln (GHF alum) & Ziggy, in memory of GHF alums Mika & Cassy

Resident BUDDY found himself homeless in 2018, at age 14 having already been in 4 homes that didn’t last so clearly GHF is where he will be for his final years. A sweet, sensitive guy, Buddy has had quite a tumultuous life. Landing in a shelter at 1 1/2 years old most likely due to his high energy levels, he lived in his 2nd home til age 3 where he then landed at GHF due to a move. Adopted in 2008, he lost that home in 2010 due to an unexpected baby since he’s not good with children. Finding his next home at age 5, life was steady until 2018 when divorce broke that stability apart. Seven times, Buddy has had to adjust to new people and new settings, a heart-breaking turmoil to witness.

Buddy’s eyesight and hearing have diminished so he’s no longer the outgoing adventurer and a bit more vulnerable but he’s again bravely handling change. He’s strong and healthy and enjoying lots of walks and outside exploration at GHF so we’re pleased to see him finding peace here.

Sadly, as of 12/30/18, we’ve discovered that Buddy has cancer…the radiologist confirmed it’s in his liver, kidneys and spread to his lungs so we will do everything possible to give him a fun yet peaceful time until he is ready to transition…at this time, Buddy is charging ahead, happily as are we, glad to have whatever time with him. (VIDEO)


Leo's Angels
-Jeff Mcguire

Resident LEO landed at GHF in 2018 at age 14, bewildered by such a big change but so eager to bond to someone, now loosing his home of ten years. His aging guardian moved to live with family members, leaving Leo in need of safe haven. This would be his fourth move, having landed in a shelter at age 4. Sweet, sensitive and needing lots of reassurance, Leo found his footing quickly in the Founder’s home. A constant shadow underfoot, he got plenty of frisbee tosses, helping him to make sense of this new life. But, once Leo discovered all the action of the other senior BC’s living with him as well as nearby younger BC’s, his herding drive kicked into high gear! He now has energy and enthusiasm far beyond his years. Fortunately, Leo’s previous care had been good so only a weak back-end slows him down.

Special thanks to Carol Cunningham who spotted Bodie on the shelter’s facebook page and made sure he made it to GHF.

Bodie's Angels
-Scottie Burkhalter, In memory of GHF alums, Russy and JayJay
-Gregg, Jodi and the BC Pack: Skid, GHF alum, Cassie and Rave in memory of all of our Border Collies who have crossed the bridge
-Eve Ehrlich & Steve Jensen “With love from GHF Livy to Bodie”
-Cathy & Steve Bouck and Lincoln (GHF alum) & Ziggy, in memory of GHF alums Mika & Cassy
Resident BODIE arrived at age 14 in 2018 looking like life had dealt him some rough times coming from an SPCA confiscation. Clearly underweight with a horrible skin infection, Bodie’s time at Animal Control proved that this sweet guy really just wanted a kind touch and a good meal, holding no grudge for what was surely neglect. Once at GHF, with proper medical help, he flourished almost making it hard to believe he was as old as stated. Happy, outgoing and curious, even frisbee became a mainstay of his day. But, the big enjoyment was warm cozy couch time and lots of belly rubs! This sweet guy is clearly content with his new life though glaucoma has recently blinded him in one eye. Careful monitoring ahead, will reveal other challenges that arise to be handled.


Clyde's Angels
-Rob & Amy Barilla
-Deb Meyers, in memory of GHF alum, Quill

Resident CLYDE found age 14 to be filled with surprises and lots of Border Collie action coming to GHF in 2018.  Living in one home since a pup, his guardian’s international job change meant Clyde needed safe haven for his final days.  Fortunately, Clyde had a history of lots of moves and being boarded so he took this change in stride.  A real charmer with quite the BC eye, Clyde knew what job was required of him - herd, herd, herd the moving dogs!  GHF has lots of moving dogs so he clearly has renewed energy even though his weakened back-end is giving him lots of challenges.  Previously well cared for, Clyde’s greatest need now is pain relief and keeping that focus on his ‘work’!

Bradley's Angels
-Dana Sambogna in memory of Brody & Shelby
-Michael Porter & Rachel Griffin

Resident BRADLEY lived in one home since a pup til age 13 when his guardian’s life changed in 2017.  Loss of a job, divorce and a move to an apartment meant Bradley was in need of help and GHF was the answer.  Without recent funds, medical care had been lacking leaving Bradley with a systemic skin infection and significant back-end pain.  He was totally loved but in very bad shape physically.  Fortunately, his good nature and sweetness was holding him steady through all this so once his allergies were properly diagnosed, he began to improve. Further vet work revealed an enlarged heart with a heart murmur to monitor; much needed dental extractions and lyme to be treated plus providing pain medication immediately.  The Bradley of today is still sweet as can be and clearly thinks life is great and it’s easy to see he’s feeling 100% better!

Special thanks to Ann Gardner who helped make it possible for Bradley to land at GHF.

Bo's Angels
-Sue & Bob Strange, in memory of Dudley & Nell
Resident BO is the “Benjamin Button” of Border Collies, coming to GHF at age 15 in 2014 and seemingly not aging a bit now 19 in 2018 - he is amazing!  Bo lived in one home since a pup bought from a breeder at a flea market.  Now, all these years later, with his guardian losing her home moving into a trailer park, euthanasia was likely. After 3 homes with relatives failed to work, GHF provided the only safe refuge for him.  A super friendly, good-natured fella, Bo has been curious about everything, willing to engage with a great zest for life. He can be picky about who he likes at times, including dogs so a foster setting proved to be ideal for him where there was a more consistent lifestyle.  Petite, spitfire Bo brings a chuckle to all who meet him as well as being an inspiration for Senior dogs who prove how important the ‘will to live’ can be, when proper love and care gives them the best chance for more years. 

Special thanks to Cheryl Lewis for fostering Bo in CT

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