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The following border collies are available through other agencies or as independent placements by owners.  The adoption of the dogs listed below will be handled by the individual home or shelter listed in the dog's bio.  Glen Highland Farm is available to assist if needed.  For more information about these dogs, please use the contact information provided with each dog.
Glen Highland Farm volunteers have temperament tested those dogs displaying the GHF logo in their bio on the date indicated.  The evaluation and information provided is accurate, only as of that date.  All others are listed solely as a courtesy.
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Dogs located in New Jersey
Hello all,

I need to find a home for Griff, my 4 year old border collie who is blind, and I am looking for any help in placing him. He started going blind at about 7 months old, due to an infection that attacked the blood vessels to his retinas. We managed to eradicate the infection, but the damage was done, and the blood vessels continued to deteriorate, until he became completely blind at about a year. His eyes today are permanently dilated, but he is in no pain, he just can’t see.

He was always a super sweet pup, and he adjusted to his blindness. He can find his way around on his own in familiar places. He knows how to do a few steps, up and down, and can play small games of fetch smile emoticon:-) He has a great recall. He knows day from night, with little cues I have worked out for him, such as different crates, tv background noise, etc. I kept him intact until his third year, as I wanted the hormones to help build muscle mass, as he was not going to exercise as much as the other dogs. He is now neutered and up to date on all his vaccines and is in good health.

Griff loves attention, and is friendly to everyone he meets. He does well with other dogs in his household after a gentle, gradual introduction. He much prefers to be in familiar space with familiar friends, so is not a candidate for lots of leash walking. He does need to have a crate available to him as it is his ‘safe’ space to relax, as he cannot see what is going on.

It is time to find him a home as all his household friends are graduated to working border collies, and he cannot hang out with them anymore. When he tries to keep up with them, he risks getting hurt. He would do best with some outside space, fenced preferably, or at least not near any busy areas, with people who want a smart, affectionate, moderately active dog, who would love to hang out with them. Apart from trying to get pets and attention, he is pretty low key. He is about 38 lbs.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in a canine homebody, please have them contact me. And for those of you who do rescue work, please keep Griff in mind. He is located in Central NJ.

Thank you

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