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Throughout the week, new or interesting things happen at the Farm, 
so you'll be sure to find out the latest and greatest in WHAT'S NEW.  

We plan on updating WHAT'S NEW regularly - features will include 
"rescue stories", updates from home, sometimes guest writers will be featured, health related information and other times it will be neat things going on at Farm.  If you have a topic to discuss or question you'd like answered - please email
 - and if appropriate, we'll feature it here.  See you each week!


We have just discovered important information regarding the use of Metacam, Rimadyl, Deramax. Please read this to be sure you are not harming your dog's health unintentionally. 

None of the above anti-inflammatories can be given WITH prednisone or aspirin.  The combination creates extreme GI upset and ulceration, literally stripping the intestinal wall.  According to Cornell emergency  vets, many healthy dogs cannot survive easily from this combination. And, compromised dogs with health conditions, will worsen rapidly and often die from the complications. 

Important signs to watch for while on these medications are vomiting, tarry stools, loss  of appetite and yellowing around the eyes, indicating kidney problems. 

In talking to others involved in animal care, we are shocked that most people do NOT know this. And, even many vets do not either. 

Additionally, if you are switching between use of Metacam or Rimadyl or Deramax, you must wait 1 week before changing over to a new brand.  They are so harsh on the gut, you will create big problems in making this change too quickly.  In switching to prednisone (often used for inflammation or cancer) to one of these anti-steroidal meds, you must have a 'wash-out' period where the GI tract clears out the meds. The most appropriate timeframe is 14-28 days, from first exposure. 

In older dogs, who are the prime users of these meds, the dilemma  is that they are used to living with pain from arthritis and are very stoic, not showing any gut pain. So, it's easy to miss that ulcers are occurring, until it's too late.  While ulcers in people are treatable, this delay in knowing the dog has them, leaves dogs very vulnerable to being too far 'gone' to treat.  Their intestinal tract is destroyed before the guardian even knows the dog is in pain.

These meds are incredibly helpful for dogs in pain but it is important to know that one tiny aspirin or one prednisone tablet could put your dog in serious jeopardy.  The newest approach to giving these meds is called, LED - Lowest Effective Dose.  Metacam is the only non-steroidal that is given by precise weight so the idea is to cut back to determine how low a dose works to get the results to eliminate pain.  In the end, a 10 pound dose of Metacam may work for a 40 pound dog, thus lessening any negative risks. 

The sources for this information came from Dr. Blackstock, Cornell emergency doctor and Dr. Martin, Metacam veterinarian on staff. For more information, contact 1-866-METACAM, Dr. Martin is very eager to share information and happy that GHF spread the word.

We are pleased to welcome our new Canine Caretaker, Courtney Morrow!

She brings her wonderful enthusiasm and deep knowledge and experience of Border Collies to this important role. Courtney has four years work history as a Veterinary Technician which will be invaluable in caring for the high volume of dogs that come into rescue. Equally as important, she has been doing rescue herself for the last three years, founding Bayou Border Collie Rescue in Baton Rouge, LA., fostering dogs herself; overseeing other fosterers and handling adoptions. Her love for this breed and medical skill set are a perfect combination! 

Candidates came from Wisconsin, New York City, Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire and California but Courtney's genuine caring nature and optimistic personality were exactly what we wanted at Glen Highland Farm. We are thrilled she will be joining us this summer. 

Glen Highland Farm has earned a reputation of being proactive in understanding and implementing leading edge research concerning canine health and well being.  Throughout the years, we've shared many of our philosophies to provide 
canine care givers information to help them make better decisions.  
To see our past "articles", please visit our archives - click here


For various reasons, including the past recall of dog food, we have upgraded what we use in rescue. We feel strongly about nutritional choices preventing cancer which is the number 1 threat for dogs today. Studies have shown that 52% of the dogs in the U.S. will get cancer...  that is one out of it's best to be sure what you are feeding is the highest quality possible, without preservatives or fillers.

Here are the foods we feel meet the criteria of superior quality:

TASTE OF THE WILD which is grain free & considered an 'anti-cancer' diet
INNOVA & EVO (just bought by Procter & Gamble so formula may be changed & not as good)

We also include one scoop of NUPRO Joint Supplement, an outstanding vitamin supplement with glucosamine and msm for joints and we use Pro-Biotics for dogs being given any medication in order to restore the natural balance to their system. We also use salmon oil to supplement nutritional needs.  We do feel that the continued push for good health and cancer prevention through providing great nutrition, makes complete sense.

We encourage you to consider upgrading your dog food choice.  You can monitor dog food choices easily through The Whole Dog Journal, a non-advertiser supported publication that is fantastic for good information. It is like Consumer Reports for canines.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that voted in the Bissell MVP 
photo contest for the GHF representatives!!  
Your support really paid off!!  $5000 to the Farm - and Kiely is a local celebrity

We're excited to say that Kiely, our little rescue who came to the Farm two years ago is now our $5000 winner of the Bissell photo contest. She took 2nd place out of 80,000 entries! You'll be seeing her on products soon. We wish it was GHF along with her gorgeous face but at least we know it's a rescue dog sending the message that rescues are wonderful!!!



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