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A generous longtime donor is pledging $50,000... if we can raise $50,000 from supporters. To make it easier to achieve this goal, each dollar is worth three times the value: donate $20 and $60 goes to the dogs... $100 is worth $300... $1,000 gives GHF $3,000!!! NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Where else can $1 equal $3??? GHF has an unbelievable chance to receive $100,000 thanks to a very kind donor who loves what we do!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful 2020, enjoying your beloved Border Collie and if you haven’t done so yet, please support Border Collies who deserve love!

BC are like no other dog on earth

MickWe renew our deep commitment to this very special Border Collie breed. They are like no other dog on earth. They must have the right people who truly understand their complexity and intensity and can love them, as they are, forever.

However, no matter the best intentions, guardians give up their Border Collies. It’s a fact of life. And, for Senior Border Collies, this can put their life in jeopardy.

Together, we can spare them from being in harm’s way. Senior Border Collies are full of energy with so much life yet to live.

Vulnerable senior dogs require 100% more vigilance and attentiveness
Not everyone believes these dogs deserve help
One adopter's perspective...
"Some older dogs or dogs with serious medical problems or torn from forever homes, might be better off euthanized and these resources used to provide homes for others. Spending a great deal of time and money to give them another 1 to 3 years might not make very much sense when they also have to adapt to new surroundings and less attention on top of old age and/or serious medical conditions."
Glen Highland continues to step up

The reasons for giving up a dog vary and while it may seem impossible to understand how someone could do this, it could happen to anyone... even those that dearly love their dogs... life is unpredictable.

For the guardians who turn to Glen Highland, their heavy hearts are lifted knowing their beloved canine friends are safe and properly cared for. Both dog and human find peace. Whether the dog is rehomed or living in the Sanctuary, they are safe.

Jet & Tip Sam & Roxy
"I went thru a contentious divorce where my ex left and demanded everything sold and split within 6 weeks. House, home, everything. Jet at 13 & Tip at 12 were happy, healthy but aging dogs. I immediately reached out to 6 BC rescuers in southeast, 1 in midwest. I placed both on multiple sites and offered them to good homes; no cost. Inquiries and people who ‘may have a lead’ came out of the woodwork. Word spread all over the southeast and Florida. I pursued every lead, some 700 miles away from our NC home. Age and longevity was constantly questioned. Interest disappeared when callers asked about age. Although very talented and loving, no one wanted old border collies."

"Words cannot express my gratitude for what your organization has done for my beautiful senior border collies, Roxy and Sam, both 12 years old. When the time came for me to move to California to help my senior parents, I didn’t know what to do. I knew if they went to the shelter they would die there. They are a special breed and I wanted someone who understood their needs. They had the hearts of lions but had the bodies that were slowing down.

I reached out to Glen Highland and drove the six hour trip. It broke my heart to leave them there but I knew they would be loved every day."

Guardians never expect to give their dogs up

Storm"In 2005, we made the trip to Glen Highland to pick up 3 month old Storm. Storm was a part of our family for 12 years. I never in a million years thought that I would relinquish our dog, and had an unfavorable opinion of anyone who did. That was until my life blew up took a major change of direction. Part of that included the sale of my home and relocation for part of the year. We brought Storm with us for 2 of the years but then realized that especially in his older age it no longer was healthy for him. We tried long-term boarding for another 2 years and I was not happy how Storm looked when we picked him up. We looked and interviewed all around the East Coast but I did not really trust that there was a place that understood BCs.

Relinquishing Storm was the hardest thing for us to do but also the most unselfish. I truly do not know what we would have done if not for Lillie taking Storm back to GHF. I absolutely had NO DOUBT that Storm would be taken care of and happy, and he deserved that. The pain of having to give Storm over to GHF will be with me forever but it was all for him."

Glen Highland cherishes all BCs who cross our path
Young BCs adopted
Young BCs adopted
Young BCs adopted
Our hearts explode when Seniors find homes...
Senior BCs find homes
More Senior BCs find homes
Ana's Story

AnaA “semi-feral” Border Collie, Ana’s new journey held so much potential and yet so much challenge. Years in GHF foster care helped her feel the kind touch of a human hand and gain trust, step by step but unpredictable sounds sent her flying over a fence, dragging her leash. For four months she ran from any effort to catch her until finally with night cameras and a wildlife net, she was safe again.

Transferred back to GHF for the past two years, Ana’s fosterer visited in 2019 and felt that deep pull to bring her home, this time forever. Living with a flight-risk Border Collie is no easy task but this time, at age 11, Ana is settling in with ease, joining her GHF alum pack and the very people who helped guide her to an understanding that humans are good. Ana’s story inspires us to carry on...

Ana's happy ending
Seniors are more intuitive...

StormWe were so very, very lucky to be with STORM side by side, step by step, as he prepared us and himself. A major ball nut when he arrived at age 12, he’d lost the joy of being a Border Collie at 14... the ball games were finished. It wasn’t just about ending suffering from painful weakened limbs, it was about knowing the timing that was on HIS terms... Storm was loud and clear.

He’d lived his life fully and was at peace, knowing what he wanted and when - to find the freedom of the other side.

Some rescues come with unexpected challenges... Abandoned at a shelter, 10 year old PENNY had heartworm disease but her unseen condition was far worse. An extremely rare bacterial infection was destroying her platelets, landing her in intensive care twice. While she rallied and recovery seemed around the corner, she collapsed, no longer mobile as the bacteria consumed her joints and spine... a devastating development. This miraculous Border Collie shared deep joy and love. Her time was too brief but her impact will be forever…

Each of the dogs truly knows when their time has come and we can hear it, too, through Animal Communication. A clear knowing comes from listening to them and their wish of when to go.

While the departure of our beloved canine friend is hardest on the human, dogs understand the truth of what is happening. They are not afraid. They are not sad. They let go of their bodies knowing the time is right.

However, if they had one wish to convey as they leave, it would be that their human stay linked to their spirit.They are crystal clear that death is not the end of that spirit, only the end of the physical body.

Penny's Story
The greatest dog on earth
Can you open your heart...

“They are good company, fun and characters. Except for the limited time one has with them, and some other age related medical issues, why people shy away from senior pooches, especially Border Collies, is a shame. They don’t know what they are missing.”

“There is a need for senior border collies having help - what they give back is immeasurable. This dear dog has adjusted to me and my home quickly. We are nicely matched. He has energy, as do I... but our pace is very mellow. I like to think all of us have wisdom and much, much heart. Time with them is precious, like all life should be.”

Meet the rescue dogs at Glen Highland...
and pick a Border Collie to be an angel for!

Senior dogs
Even if you can't adopt...
Your chance to help even more BCs...

Please find it in your heart to support the Seniors before year’s end. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Where else can $1 equal $3???

Remember during the Great Border Collie Ball Challenge, for every $1000 raised, a ball lands in the basket!

Ball dogs trio
2019 rescues at GH
2019 rescues at GH
We thank you!
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