BRIO found a new life on a college campus where she will be a great ambassador for the breed sharing her friendly nature with everyone she meets. We’re so glad to have helped this sweet girl in her journey forward!


We are helping this nice Border Collie find a new life…
Meet BRIO a 7 year old in Massachusetts! Brio is a very sweet and cuddly girl who loves to snuggle against her person on the couch. She is very fond of all people and loves to greet dog-friendly strangers while out and about. She loves car rides and does great in the car as well.

She would thrive as either a solo dog or with a male dog companion. Brio would do best if not left home alone for extended periods of time, and in a home without young children.

Brio was raised by a positive reinforcement dog trainer, so she's very well trained and easy to live with in the house. She’s fairly low energy for a border collie, but she really enjoys clicker training and learning new behaviors. Cues she knows: hand touch, sit, down, “in your crate,” left paw, right paw, spin left, spin right, put your nose in a muzzle, can jump through a “circle” in your arms. Teach her a new trick and watch her shine!

Brio needs either a fenced-in yard, or to be taken on leashed walks daily. She has an interest in herding cars so an invisible fence will not be considered in her case.

Brio needs a new home due to issues with another female Border Collie in the home, an issue that often happens.