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We are so thrilled for FLYN…he’s found a wonderful life with two guardians who love the breed and celebrate each and every one with a great picture of them on the front table…Flyn already landed there with a cute question for the adoption day: “Yo! Flynn R U Going to stay?" A witty way to start a new life that suits a very smart, sweet Border Collie. Flynn will again have a great yard to call his own and was happily exploring all the sights and sounds! He’s living in Virginia, very loved by his new FurDad & FurMom who were thrilled to have a Border Collie in their lives again!



In December of 2021, this handsome guy, Flyn age 11, needed a new life when his guardian died from cancer. Relatives loved him but had no way to provide for him so we happily agreed to help. Flyn is a great Border Collie, really sweet and friendly to people, clearly a loved companion. He is eager to please and connects easily to everyone. He is quite a frisbee fanatic too and very fit, again pointing to signs that he had an active Border Collie life.

We were truly heartbroken that he lived alone in the house for a few months though a family member came over regularly cause it’s easy to imagine this sensitive guy pretty confused not having his person return. The fosterers are seeing his actions and it’s clear what he thinks and feels at this point…even with them at home, he lays by the door. Flyn is waiting and waiting…just the thought of him there makes the tears flow. He’s in loving hands now but it will take a bit of time for him to realize this new journey is all good. His person is not coming back but he will again be someone’s friend and have that important job…that’s our promise to him.

The family stepped in to make sure his vetting was up to date so Flyn was able to go right to a foster home in Virginia. He needed something similar to his life as a solo dog since he’s very inexperienced with other dogs and reactive. We hope to make improvement in this over time. Flyn had a yard to call his own in a suburban style neighborhood but stayed mostly at home so now is going for walks and exploring a whole new world.

Welcome Flyn! He is about 50 pounds and a bigger size BC like bred years ago. He is not tested on cats. He came to GH from Maryland.

Special thanks to Mikaela Sienkiewicz & her husband, Chris for fostering Flyn. Back in 2008, Mikaela’s familyadopted GH alum, Shelbie, a pup from Kuwait. Mikaela was a child then and wanted to help out now, 12 years later!