We are so happy to announce that IRIE found his new life right where he landed coming out of the shelter - with former GH adopters! Some dogs just have ‘an angel on their shoulders’ and things line up easily for them to leave something horrible and land in something perfect…that is IRIE!

From a neighbor’s porch, to the shelter all full of poop and matted hair, this fella really needed a break and Glen Highland was the answer BUT even more-so, a nearby adopter, minutes from the shelter was the real answer!

Right before the holidays it is hard to transport dogs anywhere so finding an open door for him was a bit of destiny. That solution meant euthanasia was firmly off the table and now in foster care, he was safe and loved and finally clean!

Once surgery was done for his odd abdominal mass and all the labwork pointed in the right direction, it was clear that Irie had lots of time ahead to share his love. This cuddly fella turned on the charm!

The adopters played a little joke on us sending an email:

"I think we found a family who wants to adopt him", making us wonder…who could that be and of course they called and said US!!

“I feel like he looks pretty content and he may be realizing he is finally home. He is now walking two miles a day and his coat is coming in so nicely and so soft and full. We just adore him. He’s a little Christmas miracle for us all.”


An 11 year old Border Collie mix, petite Irie weighs in at a tiny 30 pounds but ounce for ounce, he is a big personality as sweet as they come.

He just loves attention and is happy to nudge your hand for just one more pet and cuddle. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Irie is named for the unusual marking right along his nose…a complete “i" shape, very noticeable in person. That stands out for sure but his remarkably good nature is really what makes him captivating. He is friendly and easy going, happy to say hello to anyone and everyone.

Irie was a favorite at the North Carolina Animal Control when he landed there as a stray days before Christmas. He was horribly dirty and matted, just awful and maddening to see. They couldn’t even tell if he was neutered or not because his backend was so thick with poop and hair all intertwined. The length of his nails was horrific.

Thankfully, Irie had curled up on a porch in town where someone sought help for him. Never claimed, a fellow rescuer contacted Glen Highland and now he is in foster care with a former GH adopter.

After a good bath & hair cut, it was clear that Irie is more than petite, he is also very, very thin so quickly off to the vet he went. His labwork revealed some challenges but with time and good nutrition, the hope is he will level out.

However, a worrisome mass was found on his abdominal area, next to his penis so Irie went to North Carolina State Vet Hospital’s ER for an ultrasound to quickly sort out any immediate pain or danger to his health. Amazingly, this oddly placed mass is only fatty tissue so Irie will now undergo surgery. The biggest worry is if it grows further, it will interfere with urination.

Irie is now loving a nice, cozy foster home where he is front and center as the most important dog ever which he clearly deserves In three short days under Glen Highland care, we sorted out his medical needs and are now moving forward to help him.

Our sincere thanks go out to Sherri & Greg Roche who agreed to get Irie out of the shelter. They received a phone call and were off in the car to get this sweet Senior. He would have been stuck for the holiday sitting alone in this horrible condition even longer. They are former GH adopters, we are incredibly grateful for their help. Thanks also to Nancy Solum who quickly went to evaluate Irie for us.