It takes someone very special to adopt a Senior dog who is age 12
and thankfully, someone did just that!


A former Glen Highland adopter adored the four years she had with her previous senior who she adopted at 11 1/2 yrs old. She felt very strongly about giving another sweet Border Collie the chance at a full life, too! Soon as she met Janie, it was love at first sight. This little spitfire spreads her joy instantly and it was a fabulous match, much like with her beloved Abby.


WE ARE SO HAPPY TO SHARE THAT JANIE IS NOW READY FOR A NEW LIFE… The pathology report came back from her mammary mass surgery and spay all clear of any cancer concern whatsoever! So, this little spitfire is good to go for anyone who wants to have a lovely, sweet and true gem of a friend…she is a blast!

Yes, she is 12, but she acts like a 9 year old and has so much spunk and charm, it’s fantastic. Janie is smart as they come, eager to be with her person and ready to go, go, go…she loves to play ball but truly, really loves being with her person. She adores every human she meets, a friend to all.

She knows lots of commands and is so eager to please and smart as a whip. Her hearing and sight are both good. She understands everything going on around, instantly. Janie is very calm inside and happy to be right by your side, wherever you are but is thrilled to be active, if you want.

Janie has the desire to control other dogs so would be best as a solo dog. Soon as she sees any dog, her herding focus is intense and she clearly could be a challenge meeting other dogs. In her own yard, she is easy and just loves to watch all the action of other dogs.

Janie has had all medical diagnostics done showing that she is in good health! She is a petite 45 pounds. She did live with a cat who was dog savvy. Janie came to rescue from Virginia, due to an elderly guardian no longer being able to care for her.