At 11 years old, SKY is heading off to a new life in Connecticut in early JUNE! Sky’s new FurDad & Mom live and work at the University of New Haven so Sky will be friends with lots of the students there as she explores campus each day for her walks.

Being the social butterfly that she is, we are certain she will bring great joy to everyone she meets! They fell in love with her sweet nature and now she’ll be the center of their world as the only dog!

Sky’s new family wanted to open their home and hearts to a dog who really needed a chance because they knew her immune condition - Immune Mediated Poly-Arthritis (IMPA) - was causing people to turn away from adopting her. Sky has been stable, healthy and happy so we are so thrilled she will have all this love!

Glen Highland will continue supporting medical needs related to IMPA with the SKY ANGEL FUND, $1,000 a year available if needed. If not, it will go to other Seniors who are Residents.

At 8 1/2 years old, APOLLO came to our attention needing a new home ASAP due to severe allergies with a toddler in the house. A beloved companion, this tough decision was made easier when Apollo quickly landed a new life with a former Glen Highland adopter. Soon as they heard about him, they were thrilled to add this gorgeous guy to their senior pack.

Apollo had to endure the tough 24 hour journey from Texas to New Jersey but is now settling in. He joined recently adopted GH alum, Zorro and two other GH Texas alums, Charlie & Mia. We’re so excited for this marvelous, good-natured Border Collie to go right from one home to another, insuring the love and attention he needs. He’ll have a blast with tons of toy play and be the constant companion to his new FurDad and FurMom.

Special thanks to Sandy & Carlos Iglesias who temporarily fostered Apollo so he could ‘catch his ride’ quickly.

At 7 1/2, KADE slid under the radar into the Senior rescue because he pulled at our heart strings! Stuck in a Tennessee shelter for four months, he needed ‘out’!

Soon as we met him, we began wondering WHOSE dog is this and discovered of course we knew - one of Glen Highland’s former adopters had lost a beloved BC from us last fall and was devastated… her exit was just way too soon.

So, the little fella who touched our hearts will now live in hers! The joy of seeing her smiling face made it all clear why this ‘youngster’ landed with us. And, in a bit of kismet, one of our other adopters was visiting from Vermont which is exactly where Kade needed to go so he headed off with her to his new life… nice and easy…meant to be!

Kade will bring special joy to his new FurMom and to everyone he meets..he is quite an ‘old soul imp’ even with his shaved hair!


At age 4, LADY was returned to Glen Highland due to an illness and soon as she arrived, we knew that this girl was ’someone’s dog that we knew already’… we just had to find them!

As we got to know this gorgeous and happy Border Collie, it was clear she needed a BC buddy to make life easier for her…her shyness lifted and her confidence blossomed.

Such a gem, she is now living the good life with another GH Alum who had lost his female BC pal (another GH alum). These two quickly clicked and now have a rhythm as if they’ve been together forever, so wonderful to see. All is again right in this home and their FurMom couldn’t be happier.