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CALLEN, approximately 10 years old, is a tiny Border Collie with a big problem... heart worm disease... so we have a treatment plan to hopefully bring him back to good health. His super sweet nature is taking all the change in stride and with a little wag of his tail and a soft lick on the arm, he quickly won our hearts. He’s done beautifully in rescue, really blossoming with the other dogs around and consistent love and good medical care.

Callen came to us pretty compromised health-wise but now he is strong enough to undergo normal heartworm injections meaning sometime in May, he would be available for adoption. We want to take this approach now vs the ‘slow-kill’ method because normal heartworm protocol is really the only way to assure the disease is eliminated. Our vet feels secure in Callen handling the process well.

We felt this little guy deserved a special name to capture his nature: Callen is of Gaelic origin and means "Brave Little Battler."

Update 3/31/21: Callen has had his final heartworm treatment and is doing well...seems to be on the mend without complications. Neutering is next on the list and then he'll be ready to go to a new life! Fingers crossed he stays on track!

Callen has a funny personality and finds his sedate confinement just fine to tolerate because he perches on the chair by the window endlessly watching the action outside! He loves it! Of course he gets bones for some enrichment, but that window view is quite satisfying! He's been an easy guy through all this hardship.


Pam & Jim Sacks, in memory of our beloved Jessie. GHF saved him and we will never stop missing him

Heidi Olson, in loving memory of GH alum, Gillie, always with the brightest of BC smiles!

Judy Colvin, In honor of Coach,
taken too soon