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• Callen is temporarily unavailable

CALLEN, approximately 10 years old, is a tiny Border Collie with a big problem… heart worm disease… so we have a three to six month road ahead to hopefully bring him back to good health. His super sweet nature is taking all the change in stride and with a little wag of his tail and a soft lick on the arm, he quickly won our hearts. We can’t wait to help this good-natured guy realize that life can be tons of fun again. He was a stray in Mississippi who was in dire need of rescue so Glen Highland gladly stepped up. He’s very very exhausted and about to undergo xrays to sort out how bad his heartworm is but judging by his demeanor, it is not good. Any heartworm treatment poses a risk and literally the cure can cause death so we hope he sails through as easily as possible.

We felt this little guy deserved a special name to capture his nature: Callen is of Gaelic origin and means "Brave Little Battler."

Update 9/16/20: We've got a turn to take before treating the heartworm... Callen's liver values are really bad which means an ultrasound to see why... the heartworm meds themselves will be too hard on the liver and with these values, likely kill him so... we'll be tackling heartworm once we understand this finding and use the slow kill method which takes a long time but is safest. Please send Callen your heartfelt energy for healing... he needs it! He's really enjoying the company of the other senior rescues, Mandy & Jane in particular, and looks brighter on the outside but unfortunately, there is another problem underway inside that body...


In Memory of GHF alum, Tucker Blevins from Tracy and Bill

Dana Rice & Ray Ouellet, in memory of GHF Alum Baxter

Chuck & Pat Wheeler, in memory of Chips

Judy Colvin, for sweet Callen,
in memory of Nana