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A 9 year old Border Collie, Charlie is a hoot! He is such a ball nut, really happy for any toss anytime anywhere, a super classic focused guy! While heís clearly carrying way too much weight, nothing stops this guy from a serious chase to get the ball and back so heís already quickly knocking off pounds. He is completely healthy except for human oversight that led to less activity and too much food so we know heíll return to his more handsome self with time.

Charlie is a very friendly guy, too, happy to meet anyone. One of those íno one is a stranger Border Colliesí, itís fun to watch him work his charm. Prior to the birth of a child, he was a hiking companion and went everywhere with his people but life changed when the child became allergic so the last two years have been hard for him. The relinquishment to rescue became inevitable. Charlie has been flexible to the big change and is doing really well.

He is happiest as the only dog but can adjust to other dogs who respect his space so heís now hanging out with 3 other Glen Highland rescues just fine. He is very eager to please and bonds quickly, clearly focused and very smart. He is also good in the car. He has not been around cats. He came to us from Pennsylvania.

Gregg, Jodi & Rave, in memory of GH alum, Flash whose energy is always there to help!

Leslie Wehr, in loving memory of "Whitley the Wonder Dog". Thank you gracing my life and teaching me so much. I was blessed to know you. Run free my little man!

Chuck Wheeler


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