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A 9 year old Border/Aussie mix, DAKOTA is feeling much better after 2 weeks, now over her respiratory infection and now on her way to finding relief for her skin.

She came to GH in early March in very rough shape from a NC shelter where she had been surrendered. Good news is we have time and medication on deck now to relieve the yeast and fungal infection so the itching will quickly lessen. And, we are tackling her extra weight, likely 10 - 15 pounds, arising from the joint pain issues she has. We x-rayed her head to toe, searching for the source of her inability to walk easily. Turns out Dakota has significant elbow dysplasia in her front legs as well as previous cruciate ligament tears in her back legs so this poor girl has a terrible time being mobile. Plus, she has severe spondylosis in her back…this all adds up to real suffering if she is active at all.

We’re determined to help relieve the pain and give her the time she needs to regain strength and better health. Regardless of the tough news about her body, her personality is amazing - she is funny even a bit sassy talking back when you ask her to do so and her tail wags non-stop when it’s time for some play. Dakota loves the ball though the games have to be ‘in-close’. She’s a big tummy rub girl, too so all in all, there is a very good-natured dog waiting to fully blossom.

We’ll update her bio as we make progress. She is now over 60 pounds and tolerating her new situation pretty well. She has lots of different beds, chew toys and attention…all on the right track!

Special thanks to Cheryl Scott & John Pepin who kindly help transport Dakota from NC to VA! And, kudos to Diane Bolten, fellow rescuer for Atlantic Regional Border Collie Rescue, who always helps with these transport needs.

Jeanie Burton, wishing dakota well for the best times ahead!

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Brad Atkinson

Our love to Dakota! - Sue, Bob, Dyson, Snidely & Jack

Candy Higgins, In memory of my wonderful BC rescue Willow, an old soul who lives in my heart forever