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• Now available for adoption!
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A 9 1/2 year old Border Collie, Dexter is a truly, nice guy. He is easy going and likes pretty much everyone, a classic good-natured BC for sure. He’s clearly been loved and is adjusting pretty well to such a big change, now hanging with the other Senior Rescues. He lost his home due to the unexpected death of his guardian. Dexter had the unfortunate situation of being in the home with his deceased person for 7 days followed by 10 days in a shelter until a friend stepped up to get him to safety and then to Glen Highland. We were so happy to see him galloping along upon arrival, checking out everything seemingly lifting the load he likely has felt. His ride to Glen Highland was an interesting snapshot of a thoughtful Border Collie ‘going with the flow’…watching the sights go by.

Dexter is finding the action of the herding gang quite interesting so just may change over time and his own BC traits will become more prominent as he relaxes. It’s easy to see his mind is working overtime as he acclimates with us. One sure thing is that Dexter really likes female Border Collies, even a bit flirty, very cute to see. He did live with a female non BC since a pup so can easily enjoy the companionship of another dog. He is trained on an invisible fence system and respected it. His previous home was fairly rural on 10 acres with 2 acres on the system. Dexter is NOT good with cats. Dexter came to us from Virginia.

Dexter is knocking off weight, really enjoying himself with other BC’s here at Glen Highland. We removed his oral mass which thankfully was benign so he is ready for adoption! 

Deborah Hammond: In memory of my beloved Border Collie Jessie who passed in 2019 at 14. I have 2 Aussie rescues right now but Dexter tugged at my heart. Someday hopefully I can rescue from you guys. I hope this helps him.

Gretchen Rierson: I would bring him to MN in a hot second if my house weren’t full!

Paul & Amy Forbes and GH alum, Trevor

Brian & Lori McCann, In memory of our Zoey

Mary Huffhine: In celebration of Sheeba's adoption and in honor of my sister, Sherri Scherer, I consider myself privileged to be Dexter's angel. Thank you for the loving work you do.


Rossi Gwen Rye Ollie Zena
Mac Dublin