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JIM, an 11 year old Border Collie, is not only a gorgeous Border Collie, he is THE sweetest guy around. He just wants to be near to his person and be their shadow, wherever they go. A really good-natured, easy going Border Collie, he would blossom with someone devoted to him. Jim gives his whole heart with lots of affection, cuddling near and such a love-bug. He is incredibly gentle.

Jim is learning all about home life, even seeing TV for the first time along with the odd sounds coming from a ‘big box’. He was adorable trying to sort what was really going as ’The Crown’ show caught his attention. Since Jim’s hearing is compromised, he needed reassurance as he heard the sounds.

He is also learning about relaxing without the stimulation of sheep since his history involves working. Jim was a young, well -trained working dog in Wales though once he lost his hearing, he landed in Michigan, bought by someone to be a breeding dog. Once that person became ill, Jim needed a chance for a totally new life with the help of Glen Highland.

Jim is loving the cozy, warm home he finds himself in but will benefit from a patient person who guides him through all the new things he’s now experiencing. He clearly loves exploring the outdoors and trusts whomever gently helps him. He is very good in the car, walks on a leash well and is crate trained though we are giving him lots of freedom to explore inside a home setting.


JIM had his TPLO surgery and is now one week into his 3 month journey of exercise restriction. He’s handling short leash walks and barely putting any pressure on the newly repaired back leg (which is the plan) but enjoys a good stretch in the grass and back roll!  He’s just starting passive range motion exercises and will eventually be allowed to use the leg…though weeks ahead for that!  His incredibly good nature is a blessing so he’s adjusting well to the new plan.


In loving memory of GH resident ASHER. Still loved. - Sandy, Mike and GH alum Ace

So grateful Jim is coming to you. I wish I could take him but not the best time to bring a new dog into my pack. So grateful for GHF. - Gretchen Rierson

Joy Moll, in memory of GH alums Lego & Morgan

Andrea Rising

Vicki Buono & GH alum Cookie

Gregg, Jodi, Rave and GH alum Dexter – sending love and positive healing energy for a fast recovery.

Sending extra love as you heal. In celebration of GH alum, Lincoln's 6th birthday. Cathy & Steve Bouck