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• Kelci is temporarily unavailable

SAY HELLO TO 13 YEAR OLD KELCI! We've just taken in another sweetheart, a lovely girl who "woo-woos" to say hello and ask for a ball toss...quite adorable. Kelci has absolutely the nicest nature and is handling her new membership in the Senior BC "Clubhouse" just fine! All the other rescues are tolerating her and she is pretty curious about her new pals who think just like she does (she used to live with five chihuahuas)!

Kelci was dropped at a North Carolina shelter and had clearly been missing appropriate care, leaving her with a nasty flea allergy, extremely long nails prohibiting easy mobility and a peach-sized mammary mass. Two are easy to fix, the other we'll see once she undergoes surgery. Older unspayed females usually end up with mammary cancer and the aspirate shows some cancer cells but before surgery, we're having an ultrasound done because her bladder also has irregularities. Thankfully, Kelci's chest rads are clear because mammary cancer usually metastasizes to the lungs.

Regardless of what lies ahead, Kelci is a happy girl, we are really hoping this good-natured gal has a few more years ahead! She loves toys of any kind and will bring the ball right into your hand for a toss. However getting a picture is another story... she hates the camera but we'll keep trying!

Special thanks to Susie Evans who made the trip to meet the shelter volunteer!


Thanks for taking her in. Renate, Pete and GH alum Rosie Goodloe!

Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy and GHFalum Lincoln, in honor of Glen Highland's 20th anniversary

Sandy & Carlos Iglesias, in memory of GH alums, Shiloh, Quest & Kane

Jim Clubb

Sandy & Mike Fazio,
Cooper & GH alum, Ace