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• Other BC friend preferred
• Good with cats
• Rural setting

A very pretty and very sweet Border Collie, Lady is 4 years old and needing a new home. She came to Glen Highland at age 2 from a deceased breeder in Virginia. She was part of a large group of BC’s that all came to us at once, only minutes from our location. Unexpectedly, the adopter needs to move to a more urban area and felt Lady would not thrive in that setting. We agree.

Lady is extremely loving and bonds very tightly with her new person, preferring women. She is skittish in new situations and with new people in general but afraid of men. She just wants to flee when afraid so relies on 'her person' to help her feel safe. With ‘her person’, she will sit right beside her and wait for the scary situation to be over. The breeder was not known for being a nice person so it’s understandable that Lady has worries around men. She also came from a very rural setting so it’s also understandable that an urban, busy situation would not help with her worries.

A very cuddly, good-natured girl, Lady needs someone special who understands a more sensitive dog. She is not going to benefit from training methods that force her into adjusting to busy neighborhoods or lots of visitors or going lots of places..she is happy with a simple life…her person, her yard and lots of love. She loves to go for car rides anywhere and everywhere, but prefers to just wait in the car.

Lady’s life to date has been filled with hikes and swimming and lots of exploring in nature…the first home was 10 acres…the second is over 30…she blossoms with the freedom and never has run off. She lived with two young Border Collies who were pups she helped ‘raise’, also from the same situation. Lady also lived with multiple cats just fine.

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