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A lovely 9 year old, Lena is a gentle girl starting to blossom with a new life around other Border Collies and loving people who only want what is best for her. She clearly had an awful history, the details we will never know, but even with all that went wrong until rescue, she is loving and sweet and truly wants a person of her own.

Lena loves attention and is very affectionate though still showing that very soft, worried side if someone moves too fast. We know it will take many, many months, even years for her to truly trust that life is on her side. She has learned to play with a male Border Collie and really would thrive if a dog engaged with her for some rough and tumble fun…she is so happy then.

She has discovered toys, mostly on her own, where she can squeak and toss and investigate whatever is around but still a bit too shy to show off her new interest when a person is around.

The right home setting for her would be calm and consistent with a male BC or even two since she does pack up easily with other dogs. She has a stronger female personality so best not with other girls who might also be leaders, especially since Lena will develop more confidence over time.

September Health Update:
Lena is healed from her major dental surgery that left her with 2 teeth, from a mouthful of infected rotting teeth. Even the dental specialist vet was astounded at the condition of her mouth prior to surgery. Lena also has 'dry eye' condition - she is now on daily meds which helps her inner eyelids stay where they belong, not covering her eyes! During her spay surgery, a nodule was found on her spleen so a splenectomy was performed, to be sure of no future issues there. All in all... Lena is now way beyond pain and sickness and now in the land of adoptability. We are working to help her gain courage and handle a normal life: getting used to a leash, being in a car, meeting new people, new dogs etc…step by step, we are optimistic about this lovely Lena doing just fine!

Regardless of the horrible lack of care she endured, Lena is still so eager to trust humans. With all the right cues from loving people, she will become the Border Collie she deserves to be. Her energy level is moderate though may increase once she truly lands in a new life. About 35 pounds, she is a normal frame size BC. Lena will only be placed in a fenced setting and is NOT cat tested.

Special thanks to volunteer Katie Brennan, Aussie rescuer Martha MacDonald and Border Collie rescuer Judy Colvin who made Lena's transport to Virginia possible.


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