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Not yet available for adoption

Lovely 9 year old LENA arrived in late June 2021 from a South Carolina shelter, clearly needing help. Her condition was a tough one to stomach: found as a stray with maggots all over a wound on her back and maggots all through her mouth. Her matted coat stunk horribly and soon as a hand was lifted overhead, she flattened like a pancake, flinching braced for an assume strike from a human. She was terrified, trembling with sudden sounds or touch of our hands - our hearts just broke for her.

Lena’s emotional state is familiar in rescue where life dealt her a rotten hand ’til now. But her lack of care led to severe dental disease even shocking to the dental vet: ”her mouth was extraordinarily bad with bone damage; pus-filled infectious draining tracks in her gums; only 2 teeth could be saved”. Surgery cost was $4,000.

She also appears to have eye issues related to the level of infection which we are tackling next.

Now that we know this gentle soul more fully and she is getting to know us, Lena is just precious and blossoming step by step. A simple lick of a hand and a nearby sniff are signs of her progress. She still darts quickly away, frantic when something frightens her but we feel that will change, too. She is cautious with men but so wants to trust.

We are grateful the shelter works closely with rescue and very happy to help. Her age is an estimate based on her energy level though we might revise this once we see how she unfolds. Lena is a lovely, lovely Border Collie who deserves so much more than she has endured.

Special thanks to volunteer Katie Brennan, Aussie rescuer Martha MacDonald and Border Collie rescuer Judy Colvin who made her transport possible to Virginia.


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