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A wonderful 10 year old Border Collie, Lewis is ready for a new home! We are thrilled to have been able to help this great guy with medical support and positive emotional experiences. He’s done beautifully at Glen Highland and now needs that special person to patiently continue showing him how loving people can be!

Thank you to all the angels who donated for Lewis’s care, especially his surgery!!!

Lewis is good with other dogs, actually fairly indifferent though he will compete for a ball toss and hope he gets there first. If not, he won’t argue but he just might strategize another way to get that ball for himself! He’s not the most intense BC by any means but he is fun loving when it comes to ball time. Once the ball is away, he’s pretty content to hang out, take a stroll outside or just keep an eye out for anything new happening in the house! He is very interested in what his person is doing and will follow you wherever you go!

Lewis could live with another dog, perhaps not even a herding dog, but he will be front and center for every hello and on your lap for every cuddle session, tv watching or not! He is a very affectionate fella and a magnet for people which makes him shine brightly.

No longer skittish or worried, he has settled into the idea that good things are coming his way and he’s first in line!

His previous life was an awful place for any dog and none of us would even want to imagine what he experienced but he has mostly let that all go and seems to be very resilient about this new start. There are still times when he seems very worried to be too far from his person, especially outside. He will run to the door if he feels he’s being left alone and often, stall and not want to go out alone at all. Having another canine buddy helps him feel more secure but with just the right person, he will learn to trust whatever worries him.

Lewis thankfully overcame his health challenges…a severe skin and ear infection; removal of a mass which turned out to be benign! and malnourishment that left him way horribly thin. Now, he’s looking good and clearly feeling better. All his labwork is on track including chest and abdominal xrays which showed he is good to go.

Lewis is good with cats but best with dog savvy ones.

His ten years of torment as a drug addict’s dog ended when he was confiscated from a drug house in South Carolina and then came to Glen Highland.

We have been amazed how this Border Collie who literally appeared to be on death’s door has rebounded and turned into a happy, really fabulous guy.

We are so grateful to have given LEWIS a new chance. The change in his expression as well as his body is stunning.

Many thanks again to all who donated and also the transporters who got him to GH: Jim Milavec, Susan Edkins & Peter Goodloe.

"You are safe now."
- Love Linda, Sky, Jim & Alice the cat

"There's a circle of caring all around you as you heal." - Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum, Lincoln.

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Doug & Dale Rutherford, In memory of GH alum Pace

Larry Cable - In memory of our beloved Brodie

Sweet Lewis, I am sending love and healing your way. In loving memory and honor of Finn
- Carmen Blevins

Steven & Andrea Morgan-Vandome, Dax & Jessie