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At 10, LINK is a petite, classic, energetic, dive into everything Border Collie. He is very bright and very friendly with people. He does take some solace from being around JD, however they can conflict over food and attention so we will separate Link into a new home with another Border Collie once we know him better. He is not good with cats or small dogs but fine around horses. His previous home was rural so he will again be placed in a quieter setting. A fence will be required. We will know more and update his bio. Link is about 35 pounds.

JD, age 14 & LINK, age 10 lived their lives together up until a month ago when their guardian died. Luckily JDs original adoption as a puppy meant he had a safe spot in the Virginia shelter and Link was welcome, too. Both have been waiting for space to open at Glen Highland.


Pete & Renate Goodloe & big-hearted GH alum Rosie

Link needs 2 more angels!