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Not yet available for adoption

Tiny, puppy-sized LUCY arrived in July 2021 and is likely 11 though has the energy of a younger Border Collie. She is 25 pounds of non-stop motion, though none of this is focused on anything at all. She is frantic in worry about what is going to happen to her, what things mean and what she should do…her main default is submissively rolling on her back asking for mercy. Soon as we reach to pet her, she hits the ground with anxiety and rolls over, waiting.

Even with a history seemingly loaded with negative experiences, Lucy craves a person. She will land quickly at your feet and as long as you don’t reach out too far, she settles in comfort to be nearby. Her panic to ‘be ok’ will hopefully level out to a more normal interaction over time. When feeling safe, she loves attention and engages so sweetly though one simple move can send her scurrying for cover. It’s tragic to witness.

Lucy came to Glen Highland from the same South Carolina shelter as did Lena. We suspect they could have been from the same place, either abandoned or loose to run. Lucy shares the horrible dental disease (like Lena) that caused our vet to gasp at the severity of neglect, her mouth smells like a sewer. The level of bacteria from dental infections impacts organs like the heart and liver.

SHE HAD 24 TEETH REMOVED leaving only 5 in her mouth…Her mouth and nasal cavity were open due to the decay of the bone in that location so once the teeth were removed there, you could see all the way into her nasal passage! The dental work was complex with four solid hours of work which while painful now, will leave Lucy without the pain she has endured for so long. The vet even found compacted grass embedded under her back teeth. With so many extractions, Lucy’s dental costs were extraordinaryat $2200. Of course not including the normal geriatric work-up we do for all seniors.

We are hopeful that this little gem of sweetness will trust her new journey and maybe even lead to a home though we are happy to have her join the Sanctuary, if need be.

In a fortunate twist of fate, we spotted Lucy on Adopt-A-Pet where the ad said they just got her from a shelter and she needs to live outside. So, we contacted the SC shelter nearest to the town noted, hoping to get her into our hands. Thankfully, the Rescue contact found her dumped in another SC shelter so got her back and then passed her immediately to Glen Highland. Lucy is NOT housetrained, surely the root cause of this 2nd abandonment.

Special thanks to volunteers Katie Toczek, Katie Brennan and GH adopter Imbi Kiiss…they are the reason Lucy is safely in Virginia. We are also so glad to be working with Anderson County PAWS rescue coordinator, Cheyenne Mulkey who works tirelessly to help the 8 - 10,000 animals that land there each year.

Renate & Pete Goodloe,
in honor of GH alum Rosie

Anne Duffy

Karen Bevan

Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, in memory of GH alums Mika & Cassy

Gregg, Jodi & Rave in memory of all the “Ruff Pack” Border Collies: Tucker, Peaches, Guinness, Skid & GH alums Jett, Flash & Cassie who are sending lots of positive healing energy Lucy’s way

Jim Clubb & Ivy

From Derby, Little Ray, Lucy, Micki, Sue & Ilene

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney

Susan & Bob Strange: Your angels wish you well, Dudley, Nell, Snidely & GH alum Jack