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Tiny, puppy-sized LUCY arrived in July 2021 and is likely 9 with the energy of a younger Border Collie. Little Lucy is a busy girl, racing around top speed…she is thrilled to be able to move without constraint! Everyone who meets her says her energy is so puppy-like, however we are pretty sure her life living in a pen or crate caused this explosion of activity now present! Lucy makes you chuckle at her speed…hard to imagine her ever confined but the way she circles constantly is a clear sign of what her life was like.

While her energy is excitement, it is also fear, so Lucy will need a special home that can help pull out her confidence and accept the worries that may never disappear. She is skittish, so will dart away, but returns and climb up on you seeking attention, hoping to be touched and seeks approval, yet is anxious. She does relax with the connection of a person, but Lucy will also ‘pancake’ - bracing for something bad to happen. Once she clearly knows it’s all good, she trots off full speed just having a grand time exploring and romping. A new volunteer lovingly calls Lucy ‘a hot mess’ with all her wacky responses to every sound and every bark. Lucy will require a lot of patience and help to handle the real world but we’re hopeful someone might fall in love…if not, she is welcome as a resident.

Lucy has a lovely nature but the confusion from her life of mistreatment and lack of care has created a Border Collie with special needs. An adult home will be best so consistency can give her courage to build on a life that makes sense. Patience is the key with Lucy.

She also has classic bossy tendencies common to females so would do well with a male Border Collie as her pal. Lucy likes the companionship of another dog and loves Mick at this time, happiest having a friend for her outdoor time. She has started to squeak balls and make up her own noisy games though has no idea of tossing or returning anything but nevertheless, is having a grand time. Lucy is 30 pounds and NOT tested on cats.

September Health Update:
Her dental disease was so severe that healing had been difficult and required 3 surgeries, about $5K total. It was a tragic situation she endured. Of course, Lucy only knows her happy smile (with 3 teeth) and a tongue wag that is a little bit longer than it used to be!

But we have one more health challenge for her ahead…in investigating health concerns, we stumbled on a fluid filled ‘sac’ near her uterine stump so that has been aspirated and we are awaiting news of what this mass is and whether it’s curative or less than ideal news of cancer… fingers crossed, the results are not life-threatening…she clearly can handle surgery if needed.


Special thanks to volunteers Katie Toczek, Katie Brennan and GH adopter Imbi Kiiss…they are the reason Lucy is safely in Virginia. We are also so glad to be working with Anderson County PAWS rescue coordinator, Cheyenne Mulkey who works tirelessly to help the 8 - 10,000 animals that land there each year.

Renate & Pete Goodloe,
in honor of GH alum Rosie

Anne Duffy

Karen Bevan

Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, in memory of GH alums Mika & Cassy

Gregg, Jodi & Rave in memory of all the “Ruff Pack” Border Collies: Tucker, Peaches, Guinness, Skid & GH alums Jett, Flash & Cassie who are sending lots of positive healing energy Lucy’s way

Jim Clubb & Ivy

From Derby, Little Ray, Lucy, Micki, Sue & Ilene

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney

Susan & Bob Strange: Your angels wish you well, Dudley, Nell, Snidely & GH alum Jack