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At age 12, Matty is tackling a new life again…he was 2 when he was first rescued after his first person went into a nursing home and here he is again with an elderly guardian no longer able to care for him. We met Matty two years ago when we were asked to be ready to step in when the time came…that time is now.

Matty is known for his very friendly nature, 'never meeting a stranger.' Living as the only companion to his person, he has been a devoted friend for many years, loyal day by day. He’s the one who intently listened to all the conversations and heartily brought laughter to his person’s life. He got green beans as goodies, a special biscuit each night and the freedom to bark at any deer that dared to show itself in his yard! Matty has been a good friend, curled up by the bed every night for the past ten years.

We have a tall challenge ahead since Matty is a one-human guy, never engaged in a dog’s world much. We are confident with lots of love and a new world to explore, we can help him find new meaning. Matty faces a transition that only he can tackle…day by day. We’ve seen this before…a ‘heart-worker’ is more than a dog and they themselves decide what’s now next to DO. We’re planning to show him a lot of options cause he’s a smart fella!

Matty’s vet work came back with great results, healthy and strong so he is ready for an adoption. We are holding off on pain meds for his back leg injury because he seems to be walking pretty well and now on the Myos supplement, should gain more muscle development.

He is not good with cats and best as a solo dog in a fenced yard. He is about 45 pounds and to us from upstate NY.

Special thanks to Lisa Barrett for transporting Matty to Virginia.

Michael Opalinski: “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed” - Gandhi

From Vivienne & Mark: In memory of Dennis Sullivan -- who threw the ball for Pixie and Bear, even when he didn’t want to!

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH alums Doc & Rosie

Linda Whitman & Sky & GH alums, Connell & Anney

Karen & Clem Arrison, Deedee & the whole Arrison Gang