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MICK: A 10 year old petite guy, this is one sweet Border Collie…he just loves to be with you all the time and is content to calmly go wherever you go, relaxed by your feet. He also has a lively side where he races around, excited to see what you are doing next, quite an adorable side to see!

Mick's got a little bit of interest in toy play but mostly, he is a fantastic companion…if you want to go, go, go…he will…if you want to relax…he’ll do that! Mick also adores car rides and will quietly sit in the car and watch the world go by, taking a trip anywhere!

Mick is a softer natured Border Collie so does well with encouragement and positive reinforcement. His hearing isn’t perfect but his sight sure is so if you can give him a sense of ‘good boy’, he is a happier fella. Mick is very smart and eager to please though not very treat motivated so again, praise from his person, means the most. He is very, very friendly with everyone he meets.

Since Mick is so people focused, he really could be a solo dog or fit with a female BC as a pal. The female BCs who have met him seem to love him though, again, a person is most important to him. Mick lived in a home with an older BC mix and they had some issues, possibly due to the fact that Mick was not yet neutered and his male pal was clearly a ‘lead’ dog.

Mick will be best in a home with a fenced yard and someone home or someone who can take him to work with them. He is 35 pounds and NOT good with cats or small dogs. He is good with horses. He was surrendered to a Virginia shelter with his BC mix pal upon the death of the guardian.

At this time, Mick is unavailable for adoption as we navigate a gall bladder issue that requires medication to dissolve the stones. Most likely, his health needs will be clearer by March 2022.

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