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A 10 year old petite guy with lots of energy, Mick is a real classic…he responds to any action around him, racing around instantly trying to decide what to focus on and when things are quiet, he’s calmly nearby for a head scratch, happy to rest in your hands ‘forever’…well Border Collie forever!

Mick has a super sweet nature and will blossom with people who understand how soft he can be…his activity level can mask his gentle nature where he worries and wants to know everything is ok…he really does need reassurance from his person. We are finally beginning to see his expression change as he is feeling safer. Mick will only be placed with experienced Border Collie adopters.

Mick is interested in other Border Collies and seems very comfortable even with a pack he doesn’t know but he would do best with one female or as a solo dog. He has become pals with Lucy since she ‘flirts’ like crazy to get him to play though he barely gives her the time of day, they do pair up to check out the yard and seem pretty content as to explore together.

September Health Update:
Sweet gentle Mick has his share of challenges too…his dental extractions healed just fine but his liver and gall bladder values are not right. An ultrasound revealed problems that need further sophisticated diagnostics, so off to a specialist we go for aspirations and more ultrasounds. We’ll find a path to take to improve his health and then he can find a new life. Again, if some illness prohibits him finding a home, he is welcome as a resident…he surely deserves kindness and proper care no matter what!

A couple important behaviors to note:
He has separation anxiety when left and will bark in a panic so would be happiest not left alone for long periods. The companionship of another Border Collie does give him cues on how things work so he will settle but under stress, he is a chronic barker. Unfortunately the month in the VA shelter didn’t help this where action was all around and he could not get to it.

He is also not good with cats and reportedly not good with small dogs. He will only be placed in a fenced setting due to these issues. Plus, he has some hearing loss so doesn’t always respond when called however soon as he sees a person, he races over to them instantly.

Mick absolutely loves car rides and is happy to meet anyone…a very easy and friendly guy though at times, he does appear very worried as if he had been heavily corrected in his history.

Mick has no interest in toys and reportedly worked sheep in his former life though we have no actual information about details. He is good with horses.

About 35 pounds, he is a petite gem for the right people who truly understand the breed. He has a funny habit of scratching his face in the mat inside or grass outside, butt upright! He was surrendered to a VA shelter due to death of the guardian.



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