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• Other canine friends
• Fenced yard
• Ok with cats

A 10 year old Border Collie, Prim is one of the most lovely, gentle souls you’ll meet…just a sweetheart. Everyone who spends any time with her, falls in love.

She is a petite girl with lots of energy to explore and investigate the great outdoors, happy to sit in the sun or play some ball. Prim loves other Border Collies and would be a great canine friend, instigating some play as well as joining in whatever they want to do! She is comfortable in a dog pack and she is fine with cats, even if there are more than one.

Prim came to Glen Highland from the midwest where a dog lover had spotted her wandering down a busy road. Skinny and clearly a stray, Prim instantly went with her, in the car, happy to be with a person again. Turns out that this sweet girl loves to ride in a car!

Prim’s health as been restored and she is strong and now ready for a new life. She has what is likely a congenital knee issue where one knee cap is out of the joint causing one side to be positioned oddly which then caused the other side of her frame to adjust. Mother nature worked its magic so Prim is very mobile albeit an unusual gait.

Prim catapults onto the couch and into the car and races around as if she is perfectly normal…she’s known nothing any different. She races and chases and enjoys life with great joy.

A big part of her health transformation was building muscle since she had been so underweight and had bad muscle atrophy… now that is all improved. We have Prim on Myos joint supplement to sustain her muscle development and gabapentin to support her back for pain relief at night. Like many seniors with compromised backends, she does need pain meds.

Prim is a light framed Border Collie, weighing 35 pounds so very mobile and easy to pick up. She has no worries being handled. Prim does have cataracts so has some trouble with night vision like most Seniors.

She is wonderful with people and so happy to join in the joy of living though she can be shy with men and needs time to feel safe. She tends to worry and seeks reassurance from the woman who is nearby.

Whatever went on before that left her on the street…we will never know... but today... she is ready for someone special to love!

Special thanks to Paula Henry who stopped to help Prim and changed the course of her life, then reaching out to Glen Highland.

With love from Linda, Sky, Jim & Alice the cat

John & Bobby Streeter

Miraculous recovery TO YOU, PRIM! In loving memory of our dear COOPIE and GHF boy ASHER! Love always, Sandy, Mike, and Acey Boy

Doug & Dale Rutherford and GH alums Minna & Lewis

From GH angels Alfie, Morgan, Leo & Fletcher - Joy Moll

Healing love to Prim from the Skuse Family, including GH Alumni Keddy + his sister Pip

Herb Klitzner

Special angel help for extraordinary medical care:
Pete & Renate Goodloe, In memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie