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• Special medical needs
• Fenced yard
• Solo dog
• Cats ok
• Adult home

A gorgeous 11 year old Border Collie mix, SKY is a charmer, just the friendliest gal to everyone she meets. As the saying goes, she never met a stranger…she is adorable. Her petite size adds to her personality as she wiggles her rump, jumping up and down in excitement to head out the door…then off she goes to explore outside. Eventually, she takes a rest in the yard to review the property and the day’s events…birds, other dogs, people, wind and sun…she takes it all in!

Sky is very good-natured with people but a classic bossy female with dogs and she will definitely let another dog know when they are too close in her space. She can walk on leash outside where there are dogs but is best she is the only dog in the home without visiting dogs. Sky has lived as the only dog so that suits her best. Cats, on the other hand, she is absolutely fine with sharing a home.

She lived in her previous Pennsylvania home from when she was 10 months old til now but a new toddler and newborn in the home caused difficulties for her so she had to find a new life. Smart and sweet herself, children just create too much chaos especially since her whole life has been with adults only.

Sky is very easy to live with, compliant and eager to please. She’s great at the vet, great in a car and loves walks on leash.

However, she will need someone special who understands her medical condition…

Sky has Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis (IMPA) - Similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans, IMPA is a disease in which the immune system mounts an inflammatory response within the joints, causing pain, swelling and difficulty walking. Most patients with IMPA survive and maintain a good quality of life for the long term. IMPA, like other immune-mediated diseases, requires diligent follow up and communication with a veterinarian.

This in no way impacts her mobility now but as she ages, it may. It’s a process that is believed to be triggered by chemicals and vaccines so Sky is only on natural flea & tick preventative and no vaccines of any kind. She can have heartworm preventative. She is not on any medications for this disease now.

We are hoping to find someone who understands how to oversee Sky’s needs in the years ahead. She is such an easy girl and petite at 34 pounds with moderate energy since she is a Border Collie mix vs purebred.

For questions, or an adoption application, please write

From Tracy Woods, in memory of Grace and Tucker!

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