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• Suzie is temporarily unavailable

SAY HELLO TO 12 YEAR OLD SUZIE! A warning here...the early pictures are very disturbing...the good news is the worst pictures are from late July and Suzie is making progress on her way to being healthier...and she is NOT suffering at the same level.

Suzie is a 30lb girl who landed at the Smithtown Animal Shelter in Long Island, NY when her person died... she and two other dogs thankfully came into a good shelter that did heroic work to help them all. A huge shout-out to the shelter team for all the amazing work they did since their arrival in late July 2020.

At Glen Highland, we have had numerous horrible skin cases in the Border Collies landing with us but clearly Suzie is one of THE worst cases...She is now in our hands since she was the only Border Collie of the trio and she needed continuing care. So, we will go into more diagnostics doing an ultrasound, chest rads, continued skin medications, baths, allergy testings and numerous treatments for the rest of the year.

A dog in this horrific condition is a BIG, LONG-TERM project that requires serious medical help and monitoring. Obviously, Suzie is welcome to be a Resident in the Sanctuary and we can provide care for the rest of her life.



Jim Clubb

Jeannie Burton & GHF alum, River

Marilyn Williams, Bill Sullivan, Gabe and GHF alum Nicky (Nikko)

Sending our love and support for your healing journey - Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum Lincoln

Pat & Chuck Wheeler


Suzie is super SWEET, friendly and engages with strangers easily. She is also great with other dogs, super curious about life changing around her and wants to eat, eat, eat, a result of being so emaciated before. She has incontinence as well as kidney issues but the great news is that she is a survivor. Suzie has the will to go on and that is exactly what will make all the difference in the months ahead.

In rescue, it always takes a 'village' and we want to give a huge shout-out to the GHF adopters who all stepped up to quickly respond. In February, one couple, the Yurgas, brought Suzie to our attention and then drove from NJ to Long Island to transport her 2 1/2 hours to upstate NY where another couple, the Boucks, brought her the rest of the way to Cooperstown NY where yet another couple who run Dogwild agreed to foster her until we had space. At the end of March, Suzie arrived in Virginia and fit in easily, happy to herd the other rescues and join in the good weather, enjoying being outside - as well as settling into her new digs... she is such a character!

A BIG hug to Bonnie, John, Cathy, Steve, Ray & Dana...thank you for helping this sweetheart.