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Tex needs time to heal, so he is with his Mom, Olivia, spending extra time together at the Senior Caretaker’s house.

Little TEX is a sweet, energetic pup but we noticed his energy level would really drop quickly with the stress of a new situation… he literally went ‘flat’, like a sick puppy. Having seen many sick pups over the years of Glen Highland, he went in for bloodwork and thankfully, our vet suggested a lyme test since the mother, Olivia, has ehrlichia and lyme. She has had this for a couple years so the question then became…can tick borne diseases be transmitted in utero….

We asked Cornell to weigh in and though the conclusion is it could have been a tick bite to the pup (they were living outside as well as inside), it could have been from Mom so treatment is the best answer.

Two of the other pups were negative. We are waiting to hear from the other three adopted pups but all five of those had no clinical symptoms at all. In all our years of rescue, we have never tested a 7 week old pup for lyme so it is startling to find this is possible at this age.

Tex will be with us for a month to be sure he is at his strongest to then handle a move to a new life, likely end of June.

Lori & Brian McCann,
In memory of our Zoey

Patricia DeLoatche - In memory of my mother, Frances DeLoatche


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