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Ready for adoption in 2023

TUCKER, age 8, and DELLA, age 9, are great friends and clearly enjoy being together wherever they go. Totally in step without any conflict, they are a marvelous pair of Border Collies! They are extremely good-natured, happy and friendly to anyone and everyone. Very content and well-balanced, it’s amazing the life they lived until now. They shared an unusual life together in a “backyard breeder” setting where life was not normal.

They always lived with lots of other Border Collies and ran completely free in the unfenced ten-acre property and beyond, doing basically anything they wanted 24/7, including living outside at night. The freedom to explore life meant they visited neighbors when they wanted, they swam in the creek as they spotted boats going by, they drank dirty water from wherever they could find it and hard to even say, how food was provided but there were lots of carcasses on the land. And, of course, they had plenty of puppies together and around all the time from other dogs being bred. They are happy, free spirited herding dogs though this unorthodox life has good and bad aspects:

Della & Tucker are AMAZING…absolutely wonderful. Their health, however, is a mess. We have been diligently working since May when they came to Glen Highland, to right this wrong part of their history. Neglect has meant both have had lyme and ehrlichia as well as heartworm, for at least two years based on the vet records. It’s highly likely they have had tick borne diseases all their lives.

Both also have heartworm disease, again for at least 2 years but could be even longer. Thankfully, both are strong dogs and have good labwork and their chest radiographs are reasonable for heartworm positive dogs. However, this treatment is tough, requiring a sequence of injections that can cause bad reactions.

There is never any guarantee that a dog will make it through and in fact, at Glen Highland, we lost two Border Collies (age 10) who were not as strong as they seemed even though we waited over six months to pursue the injection process. They sailed through the first injection and died shortly after the second.


As “almost seniors’ Della age 9 & Tucker age 8 are not strong enough. They are now getting real rest inside overnight, eating high quality food, and honestly, living a life suited to their mature age. Now, we can really see their fatigue emerging. Their bodies need a LOT of healing...

Besides heartworm, Della had numerous litters while also positive for lyme and ehrlichia. Vet notes described her as ‘off and lethargic’ but she went without help. And, she had a serious uterus infection - pyometra - that almost killed her when we met her so she had to be raced to surgery. Plus, a very enlarged mammary mass was removed at that time. The mammary mass was a low - intermediate grade cancer common with mammary tumors and the surgery should be curative since it is localized and she has no signs whatsoever of cancer elsewhere. We will monitor her for any other masses.

Prior to rescue, Tucker underwent intense surgery on his backend and front legs for a compound fracture from an accident. Though repaired, heartworm was discovered then and treated but the after care protocol wasn’t followed so the treatment was useless. He is in pain and lame on the back leg with any exercise so needs an orthopedic evaluation and is now on daily pain medication.

Della and Tucker will remain with Glen Highland until we are sure they are able to undergo treatment and eventually be adoptable.


Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln

Hugs from Vicki & GH alum Cookie

Connie Griffin: In memory of Apollo who loved the Glen Highland Getaway so very much

Gregg, Jodi & Rave: In memory of Tucker, the 1st BC (1985 – 1998) who paved the way for a multi-BC home with 7 more to follow (Guinness, Peaches, Skid, Rave and GHF Alums Flash, Jett & Cassie)

Diane Bolten: In memory of my husband, James Bolten


Gregg, Jodi & Rave: In memory of Peaches our 1st rescue who made us realize how wonderful rescue is & why we contacted GHF in 2001 and got our 1st GHF alum Jett

In memory of our beloved cat, Sherman, who genuinely loved and showed affection for our BC, Piper, every day for the past 13 years. She misses him so very much. From Pete, Bonnie, Piper, and Kippy

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln

Denise Hocking


Long-term foster home needed for Della and Tucker!
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