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ZACH, age 10, is a super smart, classic BC, plugged in to everything around him. He pays attention visually and audibly just like a younger dog, quickly making sense of his world. He is very, very smart and learning his new setting extremely fast. Zach is also VERY sweet, eager to meet anyone who comes into his setting. Happiest by your side, this is a wonderful Border Collie!

He does have a very calm side since he is older and soon upon arrival, knocked off for a deep sleep, happy to be back in a home setting. He had quite the talent for laying right in the middle of his back to stretch out his legs! Zach spent almost a month at the shelter so is doing beautifully wandering around the property and unwinding.

Zach landed at a shelter in KY due to his cat problems - he is bad with cats which is why he lost his home. He will need a fenced yard knowing this is the case.

He is interested in the other Border Collies at Glen Highland and mixing just fine though itís clear his preference would be a person to call his own. He cuddles up for some petting, offers his belly for rubs and stays so close to be sure heís not left again. Zach loves men and women and easily adapts to whatever is asked of him.

Special thanks to Cathy Turnipseed who helped us find a wonderful person who drives dogs in need very long distances which made it easy for Zach to have one car the entire ten hour drive! He had a huge safe crate and plenty of comfort along the way in a cool van rigged for dog transport! And thanks to Marybeth Huffhine who saw him posted and wrote to us to help him!


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