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• Solo dog or with a BC pal
• OK with cats
• Fenced yard

Just turning 11 in January, Zorro fits his name with lots of personality! He is a lively guy who loves a great ball game and also is the first to hop on the couch for big time belly rubs! Zorro is very attentive, classic in his focused nature and ready to go as soon as you are…this is a very young at heart guy who is as agile as can be! He is full of spunk!

Zorro is also a very sweet guy, with those expressive eyes asking for attention and quick to give a kiss on the cheek to his favorite person. He does have an off-switch once he’s had a full day with outside walks and exploration and some ball games of course. He rides great in the car and is amenable to whatever is asked of him.

He does fine with other Border Collies and has joined in with the Glen Highland rescues learning all about herding games and the fun of a pack. But, he’d prefer being the center of attention which was his previous life. He lived in one home since a pup and was with his people 24/7 but the birth of a toddler changed life for Zorro and he was not doing well with the chaos.

Zorro will only be placed in an adult home with a fenced yard and someone around most of the time. He came to Glen Highland from North Carolina. He is 50 pounds.

Healing thoughts from Vicki Buono & GH alum Cookie

Pete & Renate Goodloe - In memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

For Zorro! - Valerie Hall

For Zorro, from GH alum Zeke & his new pal, Zoe

Gretchen Rierson