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Tip's Angels
• Scott Trapp
• Richard & Ingrid Durant, "For Tip, my long lost friend!"

Tip is the consummate Border Collie who would love to drive if he could, but navigating as co-pilot to be helpful to us humans is always good, too!

TIP, Age 12
• Solo dog preferred
• Fenced yard required

TIP age 12 (born 3/07) is one of those marvelous Border Collies who focuses fully on his person and knows their every move, so intuitive in connecting to the person he loves. His charming personality wins over everyone but it’s that very intimate bond with one person that is so soulful and meaningful. Tip is a true partner with all that means as a beloved canine friend. Tip has lost his hearing so is extra attentive to his person, watching all that you do in order to follow your lead. HE MUST HAVE A FENCED YARD.

Tip also loves the 'game'... balls, frisbees, hikes…the work of his mind and body, together. If someone is willing to send another ball toss his way, he is happy to bring it back for yet another. He has so much energy and spunk, Tip is a very vibrant 'youngster'! He will go nuts playing ball but then curl up on the couch as soon as you’re ready to stop, having a wonderful off-switch. Always eager to start the day and head out for the action, Tip loves it all! He is a magnificent boy with so much to offer someone who understands this breed and adores them.

He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Tip comes from the herding lineage of Kuykendall breeders so has a strong nature to herd and control other dogs so will do best as a solo dog. He can be strong-minded meeting other dogs on leash so would be happiest with a nice yard to call his own without a lot of canine competition. Tip landed at GHF when his guardian went through a divorce. Tip lived in North Carolina.

Tip just loves the water! Swimming, wading or splashing if there's water he'll have a go at it!

Shaye's Angels
• Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum Lincoln, Also in memory of GHF alums Mika & Cassy
• Love, Nancy, Bob, Bea & GHF alum Zoe
• Michelle Ouellette & GHF alum, Telos

"How can I help?!" Shaye takes his office duties seriously and enthusiastically!

SHAYE, Age 10
• Solo dog preferred
• Fenced yard required

SHAYE is a 10 year old Border Collie mix, a classic focused ball boy who loves to play the game! He's fast and full of energy, a joyful guy for sure. Super friendly with every human he meets, he loves attention and loves to learn. Smart and attentive, he's a thinking dog up for any challenge - long walks, car rides, new toys, food puzzles, new situations - he's curious, confident and ready to go. We've made Shaye the 'office dog' as we continue understanding his skin allergies cause he's such a great greeter! He;s making great progress with the help of Dr. Julia Miller at Cornell but we're pretty sure he'll need medication year-round. He actually started out in even worse condition landing at a MD shelter in March when he was confiscated from his home. After making progress with his health and placing him in a new home, he was returned to the shelter, in poor shape again and the shelter put out a plea for rescue help. Shaye is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

Someone in Shaye's former life taught him to get tennis balls from between your legs - AND bring them back there providing non-stop chuckles for all of us and great picture and video opportunities: