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Patches' Angels
• Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum Lincoln, in memory of John Andersen
•Nancy Giacumbo, Midge Krisak, Norma Molyneux & Susan Saphire, in memory of John Andersen
Linda, Sky, Connell & Anney in memory of John Andersen

• Solo dog preferred
• Fenced yard
• No cats

PATCHES: A 10 year old Border Collie, Patches has brought her wonderful smile to GHF, ready to share her friendly nature with everyone! She is a delightful, outgoing girl with plenty of energy to explore, yet happiest to hang side by side with a person she can call her own. She is very fit so would be a great hiking partner, following your every move, your literal shadow! Patches is super responsive to people, so endearing to get to know. She loves to lean into you for attention and adores belly rubs. She and her sister, Tess, both landed at Glen Highland due to changes in their guardianís home situation. Patches is not great with cats or birds. She and her sister had friction between them, common to siblings so itís time for Patches to be the center of someoneís focus so she can blossom. She is about 38 pounds.

Shaye's Angels
• Love, Nancy, Bob, Bea & GHF alum Zoe
• Michelle Ouellette & GHF alum, Telos
Shaye needs 1 more angel!

SHAYE, Age 10
• Solo dog
• Fenced yard

SHAYE an 11 year old Border Collie mix, a classic focused ball boy who loves to play the game! He's fast and full of energy, a joyful guy for sure. Everyone who meets Shaye just loves his big personality, full of spunk, always meeting with a huge hello! No one believes heís a senior cause he acts like a puppy! Heís also one of those dogs who loves to cuddle, get belly rubs and give attention right back to the people heís with, making you chuckle. Smart and attentive, he's also a thinking dog up for any challenge - long walks, car rides, new toys, food puzzles, new situations - he's curious, confident and ready to go. Shaye is fine meeting dogs on leash on walks but can be dog selective so best as a solo dog, not a dog park guy. Shaye is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. He has allergies to certain food and grasses so is on daily medication to prevent flare-ups.

Nanu's Angels
• Jim Clubb
• Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum Lincoln, in memory of John Andersen
• Dash, Brian & Flame, with thanks to John for all he gave

NANU, Age 12
• No cats
• Fenced yard required

A 12 year old Glen Highland alum, NANU found himself back in rescue when his guardians had to move south and couldnít take him. Heís a very flexible Border Collie, happy to hang his hat where life is good AND full of ball play! Upon arrival back in rescue, he became totally absorbed with the red jolly ball and getting it to move as well as placing his favorite tennis ball exactly where he knew it HAD to be thrown. Letís just say that life for Nanu is a ball!!!! He is also a very, very friendly, good-natured boy, exactly how he was back in 2014. Nanu co-exists beautifully with other dogs, happy to hang out but eagerly awaits his person doing that one thing that makes him happiest - throwing the ball! Nanu has some interest in cars if near his home so would need a fenced yard away from traffic. His back-end is also a bit compromised so a first floor home gives him the most comfort and access to the people he loves.

Nanu was originally from a Humane Society confiscation in PA, then transferred to Glen Highland where our intake personís Mom temporarily fostered him, falling in love. Heartbroken to give him back, she felt it was best based on their life changes. She knew we would be sure he found a great place, again. Nanu is either 12 or 13, though truly acts more like an 8 yr old! He will chase and herd cats so is best in a non cat home. He came back to rescue pretty chunky so will trim up easily considering how active he is.

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