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A couple from California purchased the main 120 acre portion of the Farm after visiting the property for a few days this past summer. Knowing this was exactly what they’d been searching for, they traveled 3,000 miles with two labs and a cat to launch the ‘Emerald Glen Getaway’ for the 2020 season!

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We hope you and your dog continue enjoying vacations at The Getaway! Please note: the Pond and its trail are now private property and are no longer part of the Getaway.

We want to again THANK all our supporters - adopters and donors and vacationing guests - for two decades of successful Border Collie rescue, helping over 3000 homeless dogs find new lives. We are so proud of all that has been done for canines and humans, alike.
our rescue work continues...
Glen Highland’s Sweet Border Collie Rescue continues now in Virginia where the warmer weather eases the aching bones and bodies of Senior Border Collies so their remaining years can be their happiest and healthiest.
dogs in cars

At the end of 2019, we completed the first phase of our southern move, with 16 Border Collies loaded into vehicles. Car chasing BCs rode in crates of course since ten hours side by side with traffic would be just way too much fun!

loading the truck
Settling into the warmer winter climate has been so easy for all of the dogs and they LOVE it! The ‘bad-backend gang’ of Dougie, Hunter & Roze especially love feeling the sun’s warmth, in between racing around playing their Border Collie games, of course!
happy southern dogs
Due to construction delays, our final group of Border Collies are still in NY waiting for their ride south. Our Caretaker resides with those dogs in the Founder’s former home at the Pond - a 60 acre parcel which is now separate from the Getaway. The senior dogs’ needs will be carefully managed through the winter, and as soon as it’s possible, they will all travel south and the property will go back up for sale.
happy northern dogs

Glen Highland remains committed to help Border Collies of any age find safe haven, but the primary focus is on Senior dogs with nowhere else to go. The GHF Sanctuary IS their final home if they cannot be adopted.

So for 2020, it’s business as usual with adoptions and intake of new dogs into rescue!!

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