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Jet's Angels
Carol Skinner, in memory of John Andersen
• Michael Porter & Rachel Griffin
• Nancy Giacumbo, Midge Krisak, Norma Molyneux & Susan Saphire, in memory of John Andersen

Resident JET lived in one home since a pup til age 13 when his guardian’s life changed in 2018. A divorce meant Jet and his canine friend, Tip, needed someplace to go. Being the older one of the two lessened Jet’s chances for adoption so while we hoped someone might consider bringing him home, it didn’t turn out that way. Now, at 15 (d.o.b. 5/05), he is all settled in at Glen Highland and loves being here, with lots to do: pals to herd and keep track of as well as lots of human attention! What could be better - great food and a life tailored to your every need plus plenty to DO!! Jet is nearly deaf at this age and we’re very happy to have a spot to provide for his needs now and ahead. Jet enjoys some toy play and exploring outside but is also equally as happy to hang with his person and enjoy some lovin'. He is bred from the Kuykendall lineage and has ABCA papers. Jet is about 50 pounds and not good with cats.

Medically, Jet is on Gabapentin for pain management due to his back-end issues and also Metacam for inflammation. Otherwise, he has no other medical challenges.

Betsie's Angels
Jim Clubb
• Judith Hooper, Billy & Jess
• Linda Wood, in memory of John Andersen
• Sandra Radebaugh

Resident BETSIE has been in rescue for four years and now, in 2020, she’s 14, one of our old-timers, but don’t tell her that. She is a herding maniac, always ready to grace us with the perfect outrun, circling around the other dogs, determined to move them with her intense focus! Of course, they are so used to this little 30 pound spitfire on their heels meaning no harm, they pay little mind… a perfect combination for all!

Betsie was in very rough shape at first with undiagnosed lyme disease, horrible allergies, numerous dental extractions and clearly no vet care. Even looking like imminent death, she had so much energy for a pack of dogs, she is having a blast in rescue, with no care in the world. However, Betsie has no interest in humans. Her fear and detachment seems less from abuse and more from her history of living with a breeder/hoarder in a confiscation situation. She dashes away from any new sound…a door opening oddly, a new person talking, any slight change in routine...Betsie would have a meltdown. Human touch was obviously not part of her life so asking this little one to accept another life change was unfair. Staying at Glen Highland was best.

Medically, Betsie has blossomed way beyond what we expected. Her heart murmur requires careful monitoring and lyme titers have stayed high no matter the number of treatments so we track her bloodwork regularly. Her kidneys are now compromised so she eats a special diet. We watch her very very carefully cause this ‘stoic’ little BC could easily mask real problems since her will is so strong to herd!

Mandy's Angels
• Esther and Andrew Morrow, Sadie & GHF alum, Rudy
• Meisie & Annie Morgan-Vandome
• Love to Mandy from Abe, Kathy, Joe and GHF alum Sparky

MANDY has all the spunk of a youngster even at 15... so excited for her car ride to see the action, ever focused to do her ‘job'!!!!

In 2017, Resident MANDY landed in rescue almost twelve years old, due her guardian’s death. We could instantly see her sensitive nature meant a lot of TLC was ahead. Truth is, Mandy is a thinker and worrier. She feels everything around her…it’s just her way. Whenever anything changes, we have to carefully help Mandy navigate and adjust to it all. Once settled in, she is good-natured, curious and very loving.

At 15, MANDY has now decided she loves to have BC pals and we couldn’t be happier! This once solo girl never liked anyone nearby but now just buddies up to enjoy the action…it is wonderful for her, using that big brain to think through what everyone is doing…keeping her ‘in the game’! In fact, we are seeing her relax in new ways, trusting how life unfolds.

Mandy is coming up on 3 years in rescue, one of our ‘old-timers’ and we are very grateful we could give her a whole new journey tailored to her needs! She is still changing and transforming from that sensitive, scared dog that had no idea she could trust people, to now knowing everyone is on her team!

Medically, Mandy has a heart murmur and kidney disease, both being handled through medicine. Otherwise, she is as strong-willed and focused as the day she arrived.

Sox's Angels
Janet Corde, Kristin Richardson & Susan Hirsch-Steeves
Susie Mautz shares her heartfelt love & joy supporting Sox’s new journey
• Scottie Burkhalter & GHF alums, in memory JayJay & Russy

A 13 year old Sanctuary Resident, Sox is a magnificent guy with a sensitive, heartfelt presence, embracing the change to rescue on his arrival in May of 2020. He is aware of all that is instantly new around him. The only person he ever knew is gone and the world is now very different. He lived in one home all his life until his 94 yr old guardian had a massive stroke. We were contacted on a Saturday with the threat of euthanasia looming ahead on Monday. Fortunately kind dog lovers got involved and he was safely in our care on Sunday. Stunned and nervous, Sox appeared very vulnerable and needed vet care, too.

Sox is extremely sweet, very good natured and had been clearly bonded to his person. His story is so touching. Her husband died in his 70s and Sox became her only family. She was devoted to him and he, to her. As we were told, she fell outside a few years ago and he stayed with her, licking her face, barking and barking until finally a neighbor noticed. She was unable to ever go outside again and neither did he, adjusting to a new inside world by her side 24/7. He slept by her bed every night.

We can feel that Sox is open to all that he is experiencing, but this is a HUGE change. This big change was plenty to ask of him so he is in the Sanctuary as a Resident. When a Border Collie has had their person as the sole focus, they become their ‘work’. We are waiting to see how Sox feels about his new opportunity, gently giving him a chance to experience everything, step by step.

So far, he has laid in the snow, smelled the grass and supervised the action around him. Our Caretaker is carefully letting him lead, watching his energy and emotional reactions to everything.

His vet work is solid so we are hoping he can mentally find peace in rescue. Sox has an injury that with his back leg as well as severe arthritis in his joints so we are trying options to provide comfort to him so mobility is pain-free.

Medically, Sox is on Gabapentin for pain management as well as Trazadone for anxiety.

AT HIS PREVIOUS HOME in CT, alone two days after his guardian’s death.

A special thanks to Kristin Richardson and Janet Corde & the “Stratford Ladies’" who heard of the jeopardy Sox was in and quickly acted to find a solution. We are deeply grateful for their swift action.

Thanks also to Tracy & Jeff Beck who on a moment’s notice, drove to transport Sox to NY.

Hunter's Angels
• From Nancy & Bob Marston, in loving memory of John
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Gail Marriner-Smith & GHF alum, Sir William Braveheart

Resident HUNTER bounced from two homes by the time he was 3 and landed in rescue in 2010. A handsome guy with super intensity, his issues were tough - severe car chasing, shadow chasing and food guarding - not an easy combination. As a young BC, Hunter’s intensity was off the charts yet he also had a softer, super sweet side, eager to comply with someone who connected to him. He was a favorite for all the Glen Highland staff even with all his very difficult traits. Over and over again, Hunter was not chosen for adoption. Residency was his only chance at a life so in 2013, we were grateful we could give him safe haven.

Living with Hunter required secure fencing, rural living and constant management. He was a force of intelligence and drive, ahead of us most of the time. If he was bored or could not chase nearby cars, he would madly bark at the ground and grab the grass and dirt, throwing it in the air, wildly digging at the earth. He would enter a ‘zone’ of OCD patterns that was very challenging to live with. While Hunter would respond to intervention by calling his name, he then needed to be occupied with activity or he would revert to barking and repeating the same behavior.

Thankfully, in 2020, aging has created a softer, gentler Hunter, a sweetheart so easy to enjoy. At 12, he cuddles on the couch, chases some balls and hangs with his BC pals, sometimes even preferring to be inside at your feet while the TV is on - a content, relaxed BC! We are astonished at the changes and frankly, relieved and completely certain that without Glen Highland, Hunter would not be alive. We are so glad to have given him a full life.

Medically, Hunter has extensive spondylosis and a disjointed hock, neither fixable with surgery. His pain is managed daily. In 2015, Hunter had a massive medical crisis, hospitalized for a week with no clear diagnosis. He survived but is carefully monitored regularly with bloodwork, urinalysis and exams. He is also on thyroid supplementation.

Roze's Angels
• In memory of John, and the spirits, past & present, touched by his love
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Chihiro Allen, in memory of 'my sweet best-friend Border Collie, Santa'
• From Debbie & John Hamble, along with "The Wrecking Crew" (Doc, Dallas & Tucker)

Resident ROZE was a youngster at age 4, losing her home due to nipping. Upon meeting her, we knew that her reactions had nothing to do with aggression, instead it was insecurity. Roze had worries when people closed into her space so needed just the right life that adapted TO HER. Outstretched hands and surprise touching elicited a fast rejection from Roze and in the wrong situation, a nip could easily be worse. With two failed homes already, we wanted to give Roze a secure life.

In 2020, Roze is now 13 and we truly can say, she has had a great life…tons of playing, swimming, hiking and BC friends galore. She has been busy and stimulated with so much to do and we are grateful to have given this to her. Roze still has worries about people but seeks affection when she is ready, adorably nudging a hand for more petting.

Medically, Roze had a bout of vestibular disease in 2018 that took her to the ground, unable to walk, eat, drink, or move, leaving us hoping for recovery. Well, recover she did, left with a slight held tilt, reduced vision and focal seizures, but nothing is stopping her from being busy and happy! She also has kidney disease so has medication, supplements and a special diet to support her. Roze is medically fragile but her spirit is so strong, classic in her desire to be alive!

Ripley's Angels
• Lois & Bob Kessler & GHF alum, Nim
• Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GHF alum Lincoln
• Sue, Bob Strange, Snidley, Dyson and GHF alum, Jack

The lovely Miss RIPLEY arrived in rescue in June 2020 and now moves to a full-time Resident in the Sanctuary. She came from a Virginia shelter where she had been surrendered due to owners ’no longer able to care for her.’ We are very happy to have this gal and have applauded all her physical, mental and emotional progress so far… a much happier Border Collie now back on her game with toys and action and everything! She is the life of the party, full of spunk!!

Though Ripley is happy, her age comes with a few obstacles to adoption... we almost found a nice home but her need for mats on the floor due to her back-end issues and her incontinence (managed with medicine) and renal disease that is underway, deterred interest. These are the facts of being 13... what’s around the corner is known to all who consider adopting an older BC. So, it’s only fitting that we continue the joy she is experiencing now, for however long the journey goes, being here for her and ALL her needs. That is our commitment to Ripley... the best of everything she so deserves!

Medically, Ripley is on Gabapentin for pain management, Proin for incontinence, Enalapril for her heart condition and KD veterinary food for her kidney issues.

Zena's Angels
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Marcy Levine, in memory of Hypatia
• Deb Meyers, in memory of Zeli

Resident ZENA is a special needs Border Collie who’s been in rescue for 10 years. Now, at age 12, she’s changed from the intense high energy girl to a bit more mellow, but not much! She loves her ball best and will obsess continually on bringing it for another toss and another and another. While that may seem to be normal BC behavior, it’s actually not with Zena. She is OCD which makes her difficult to manage.

OCD is genetic, and once triggered, can rarely be modified without serious behavior modification and drug therapy. While other OCD Border Collies had come to GHF, Zena was by far, the worst to land here so it was impossible to find adoption interest.

While Zena will often chase sunlight and shadows inside and out, she has finally calmed down enough to enjoy long belly rubs and has a much more affectionate side available to share. She is overly sensitive so it’s good to see this over-reactive nature settle into a more livable situation for her and all of us, too! Zena’s Senior years have been much more delightful! We are happy to have given her a chance at a real life, being understood for something she could not change.

Medically, Zena is eating KD veterinary food to handle renal disease but otherwise, has no pain management needs.

Mac's Angels
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Jim & Linda Friend
• Matt Prisby, “Biggie Mac’s” second guardian sends his love

Resident MAC found himself in rescue three times over his lifetime, starting early at 8 months old - the third return is when we started to think that Mac felt GHF was the real home for him so we agreed. This sweet, good-natured fella had moved around enough and not fit one place or another forever so he joined the Founder’s home. His separation anxiety had grown to be significant with all the moves, even flying out of an upstairs window in one adoptive home so once we knew he was staying with us, he began to settle.

It’s taken years for Mac to feel secure even though life has been very consistent for him and now at the age of 11, we’re seeing his anxiety heighten since his hearing is changing. Mac needs lots of reassurance and so deserves all we can provide. We’re with him almost 24/7, still playing lots of ball, hanging with his BC buddies and most importantly, with the people he counts on.

Medically, Mac is doing well health-wise so we hope to maintain his strength as the years unfold. He is a marvelous dog that we are so happy we could help.

Flip's Angels
• The Arrison pack, in memory of John Andersen
• Renate and Pete Goodloe & GHF alums Doc & Rosie
• Chuck Schmitz, for Angus & Duncan, our two BCs that have crossed over
• Joy Moll, in memory of his GHF foster siblings Morgan, Fletcher & Lego

Resident FLIP found GHF as a young 1 year old and though he went to two new homes, both times his fearful defensive nature landed him back in rescue.

Clearly, Flip needed a very consistent setting that he could count on where being touched didn’t trigger some history to bite. Now at age 10, Flip is secure about the people and the place, more willing to befriend even new people. He still requires 24/7 management but his nature has truly changed, now mostly an ominous bark and grumble but more of a desire to withdraw from new people rather than defend.

Flip loves his toys though his high energy drive has changed to enjoy more couch cuddling time! Our ‘troubled boy’ has evolved into a settled ‘old man’ who fits the big pack fine but seeks out a lot more attention. We’re delighted to see Flip feel that life can be safe. All these years later, he still growls if touched the wrong way or fears a foot coming nearby so his history is not fully healed but he trusts we hear him loud and clear. We do.

Medically, Flip is in very good health so we expect he’ll be in the Sanctuary for years to come.

Dougie's Angels
• Michael Durant
• Ingrid Durant
• Ian & Sarah Moore
• Linda Whitman, Skye & GHF alums, Anney & Connell

Resident DOUGIE is now 10, in rescue for two years due to his guardians returning to Australia. Glen Highland was the only place to handle such a complex medical case, providing support for his medical needs. Dougie has a combination of challenges - born without hip sockets so he endures constant pain which has worsened with aging and arthritis, as nature created solutions to this oddity. He is also prone to ACL tears as his back legs turn in strange directions as he walks and runs. We’ve already tackled one TLPO to fix the back right leg and now are considering the left back leg since he is ‘toe-touching’. Regardless of his body pains, Dougie is full of energy as if nothing hurts, but we are hyper-vigilant about his exercise levels.

Dougie also has another medical challenge with extremely low blood sugar levels. We give five meals spread over the day to maintain his glucose level or he could have a seizure. His blood levels are checked every six months. Fatigue, heat or over exercising can add to a dip in glucose and Dougie is then wobbly and delirious. Plus he has renal disease so a special kidney diet is required to support him. His kidney levels are regularly evaluated.

Such a fragile physical state is no reflection on Dougie’s mental or emotional state - he is a full Border Collie through and through, ready to go, go go! Thankfully, he accepts this 24/7 supervision well and has been responding to all the supportive care we are offering.

Medically, Dougie is on gabapentin for his pain needs; KD food for his kidney condition and we keep Karo Syrup on hand for any dip in blood sugar. Next on deck is a likely TLPO surgery but we must be very sure he can manage another operation.