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SHAYE, age 11
Available for adoption!

NANU, age 12
Available for adoption!

REO, age 12
Temporarily unavailable

For adoption inquiries, please write:

Glen Highland operates in New York and Virginia at this time until our
permanent move to Virginia is finalized. We remain focused on Senior Border Collies
age 10 and up as well as helping other age dogs in need, as we can.

JET, age 15

MANDY, age 14

BETSIE, age 14

SOX, age 13

ROZE, age 13

RIPLEY, age 13
Now a resident!

HUNTER, age 12

ZENA, age 12

MAC, age 11

DOUGIE, age 10

FLIP, age 10

OLLIE, age 8

RYE, age 8

GWEN, age 5

MADGE, age 4

ROSSI, age 4