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The Great Border Collie Ball Challenge!
Turn that BC obsession into dollars!

A generous longtime donor is pledging $50,000... if we can raise $50,000 from supporters. To make it easier to achieve this goal, each dollar is worth three times the value: donate $20 and $60 goes to the dogs... $100 is worth $300... $1,000 gives GHF $3,000!!! NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Where else can $1 equal $3??? GHF has an unbelievable chance to receive $100,000 thanks to a very kind donor who loves what we do!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful 2020, enjoying your beloved Border Collie and if you havenít done so yet, please support Border Collies who deserve love!

BC are like no other dog on earth

We renew our deep commitment to the very special Border Collie Breed.. They are the greatest dog on earth.

ECHO, age 10

SHAYE, age 10

TIP, age 12

BETSIE, age 14

BODIE, age 15

BRADLEY, age 15

JET, age 14

MANDY, age 14

FLIP, age 10

GWEN, age 4

HUNTER, age 12

MAC, age 11

OLLIE, age 8

ROZE, age 12

RYE, age 7

ZENA, age 11

DOUGIE, age 10

ROSSI, age 3