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Glen Highland Farm
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KOA will be coming soon to Glen Highland from Texas, once his transport is finalized.

Hes estimated to be 12 - 13 years old and had lived with 10 dogs until his guardian was evicted. The local police worked for three months to make this happen. We have no details yet but will update his bio shortly.

We have been told he is a very sweet guy with severe arthritis in his back-end. He could not even stand when confiscated. A librela shot and pain medication have improved his mobility so far. We will fully address his health on arrival in Virginia.

Thanks to Sandy & Carlos Iglesias, Koa has a soft spot to decompress, safe from the risk of euthanasia at the shelter.

Steven & Andrea Morgan-Vandome, Dax & Jessie

For all the wonderful years I spent at the Getaway, making my life full of fun, meeting new dogs and being able to wake up with a new day of adventure and kept me young at heart!
- Linda Whitman's Sky

Ron & Valerie Hall

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie!

Chris & Dennis Szilvasy