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A 10 year old Border Collie, Max is learning about life in a new way - good food that comes regularly; a loving hand that does not harm him; other dogs who want to fairly play and feeling better with more stamina and energy. He is perking up and changing, step by step…it is a slow and DELICATE process to help him.

He is making great strides, really becoming the Border Collie he should have been all along. He is loving his toys and his friends and all the attention. He barks and runs and plays, looking just like a normal happy dog. In one month, he is shedding his history.

Max is a sweet guy with a good nature but he needs more time to heal. Max has been physically, mentally and emotionally abused AS WELL AS NEGLECTED.

Max came to us very weak, severely malnourished and with a serious skin infection from living loaded with fleas. The tick borne disease was the least of his physical problems. He barely had anything supporting a good health at all.

In Memory of Rave who left us way too young. His brilliance and sweet loving nature put a smile on the faces of everyone who met him. May his eternal energy be with us always. Miss you my Blue Boy!! - Gregg, Jodi and GHF Alums Mia & Charlie

Heather Lynch and the clan

Michael & Kathy Hoar

To Max with love and strength - Sandy, Mike & GH alum Ace

David & Caitlin Musto, In honor of 13 year old Stella

In memory of Ray & Lucy - Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman

Special angel help for extraordinary medical care:
James Clubb


But, as we made progress on the medical front, we now can clearly see the trauma he endured. Max is defensive about his toys to anyone near to them…not just to dogs but to people.

He also completely gives up, becoming despondent if he hears a loud voice even if it is not directed at him. The conflict of managing his own world and yet cowering and hiding from being hit is very, very obvious. He will tremble in fear if the verbal tone is too strong for him yet growl, lip curl or nip over a ball he wants to keep.

The sweet nature is still inside of Max but covered by years of trauma. We’ll never know exactly how things unraveled from Max being a beloved companion early in his relationship with his person. But, we’ve been told that alcohol and drugs were a real part of life as well as homeless people living in the condemned house with no running water or electricity. A human’s downturn in life left Max in a vulnerable position.

For now, we are providing Max with a chance to renew himself. The health is the easiest part…the rest is up to Max to decide.

Thankfully, Max is enjoying a happier life now… Max is and was a ‘heart dog’…he gave his heart to his person… now he has to recapture his own soul.