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HEALTH UPDATE: August 2023

Reed’s medical evaluation is finally complete and he is healthy and can undergo the heartworm protocol with a series of three injections over 3 months. His bloodwork, urinalysis, and abdominal ultrasound were all very good. The initial shelter labwork that was worrisome has now resolved. The Echocardiogram revealed mild heartworm disease and a strong heart so he is getting the first injection 8/28 and the next set of shots will be October.

Reed’s daily life will change to heavy exercise restriction so he doesn’t get his blood pumping too hard and throw a blood clot leading to collapse or stroke. He’s not going to love being so immobile but once through the whole process, he will have tons of time to play ahead. Thankfully, he is so happy to meet anyone who visits and hop onto the couch for some cuddle time.


Reed is a Border Collie whose history makes no sense… he is a good guy, very people-centric and lots of fun but somehow he was also a stray, picked up with a sheltie buddy running loose in Alabama. There are no facts available about him. The microchip revealed people who oddly said, “he’s not our dog”.

He was a shelter favorite so they thankfully gave him a safe place for the past month. Even as crowded as they were, they just kept hoping someone would come for this nice guy so they were thrilled to hear from Glen Highland. Reed was loaded on 14 hour transport to Virginia with 40 other dogs headed further north to new lives, too.

A huge thank you to fellow rescuer, Cathy Kinzie who helped us find transport assistance when Reed landed in Roanoke late at night. Kudos to Julie Dean-Adams and Aiyana Persinger for driving the final hours to get him to Glen Highland.

In honor of GH alum Janie's 12th Birthday - Barbara Erskine

Thanks for the privilege of loving and caring for our brave boy Ace. Such a precious and loving boy! We were blessed!! - Sandy & Mike Fazio

"You are safe now."- Love Linda, Sky, Jim & Alice the cat

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Gregg, Jodi and GH alums Dexter & Mia, In memory of Gregg’s BC girls Peaches and GHF Alum Cassie

Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, sending strength and extra love your way