John Andersen, the Co-Founder of Glen Highland Farm and my husband, crossed back to spirit on Saturday, April 4, 2020. We only had a few months to share the new Virginia setting for the rescue when the striking news of cancer hit. First diagnosed as bone spurs, then fractured ribs and even Covid, it was an ER doc that finally found the cancer and the prognosis was grim - one week to a month but maybe, just maybe, six months. Well, a week it was... full of severe pain, loss of language and heart-breaking moments but he was with me, surrounded by his children and the rescue Border Collies we live with. Thankfully.

Our life together was a full one, in our personal creation of Glen Highland, it was filled with all of you, and over three thousand rescue dogs and hundreds of inner city children, as well as vacationing guests - all gaining something from Glen Highland. Through sacrifices, huge obstacles and many difficult twists and turns, we let our hearts rest with the dogs and let them guide us.

We were committed to helping the dogs but as is always true, they helped us, and you. “Church of the Dog” I called it and to this parting moment, it is still so very, very true. These Border Collies are angels on earth holding our hearts steady. Their true work is that of the heart.

I write to share a tiny fraction of a very large life story to hopefully inspire your trust in love. Especially now. The dogs we all adore are right there with us, reminding us that we are part of something so important and so true... loving and living in your hearts is the only way through the fear... humans are evolving right now and learning this, albeit so very, very hard.

Glen Highland will continue caring for the greatest heart-workers of all... the Border Collies... and let them steady our hearts as life and death come upon us. Carrying on in John’s memory for all we created together, is so important to me.

For those who might have met John, he was an imposing presence, a huge spirit in a large framed body always wearing a cowboy hat. While his energy was massive, it was the gentle moments with abandoned, unwanted dogs or abused children that showed what was inside at all times - a deep heart to heal. That IS what Glen Highland brings to the world - the need is greater now than ever before.

I wish all of you great love, safety and health as you move through life. For John... in our love, all was possible and will carry on.


In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Glen Highland,
in John’s memory.

Mailing Address in Virginia:
6699 Fox Centre Parkway, #434, Gloucester, VA 23061