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Glen Highland Farm
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Glen Highland is a 501c3, non-profit corporation, established in January 2001 by Lillie Goodrich and John Andersen. Glen Highland operates a Sanctuary and Adoption program for Border Collies age 10 and up. All dogs are evaluated, treated medically and adopted into new lives, or become residents in the Sanctuary, along with some younger ‘special needs’ Border Collies.

In 2021 we celebrated 20 years of helping Border Collies... here's a tribute to the Border Collie that inspired everything that is Glen Highland.

Meet Luke...

LUKE is the inspiration…

For two decades of rescue starting in NY and continuing on now in VA

For thousands of Border Collies and adopters joining together in new lives

Thanks to Luke hundreds of inner city children found healing
at the Farm in NY in the first decade

Thousands of dogs and dog lovers vacationed there, too,
bonding more closely with their dogs


One simple act to rescue Luke transformed so many lives. It was his amazing turnaound from an unwanted and abused Border Collie to a beloved companion that led the Founders to change their lives and devote themselves to the breed in the creation of Glen Highland Farm in 2001.

A majestic dog with a heart of gold, Luke landed where he was supposed to be, side by side with the Founders running the Farm. He was very friendly and became the official greeter at Glen Highland. Luke greeted everyone and loved being introduced as the 1st dog. He was a continual presence at the kids camps and the vacation camps every summer, making sure all was in order. You could see him working the perimeter of the property, always circling groups of dogs or people, his keen eye - classic of this herding breed - in action. His watchful eye never missed anything and he was quick to trade his love for recognition of a job well done. His work was nothing short of miraculous.

In 2011 we said goodbye to Luke in body, but we carry him deeply
in our hearts ever grateful for the love of this one very special dog.