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Reliquishing a dog to Glen Highland

Glen Highland is focused primarily on Senior Border Collies, age 10 and up. Occasionally, we may accept another age into the program. We accept dogs from shelters and directly from individuals, helping to keep Border Collies out of shelters since they deteriorate in that setting.

If you have a border collie that you would like to relinquish to Glen Highland, please, email to

We ask that you provide detailed information about your dog's behavior which better helps us more quickly help the dog. Once relinquished to Glen Highland, the dog is now ours to care for and cannot be returned. Our general procedure is to talk with you over the phone, then have the dog evaluated (by us, another rescue person or a trainer), then the dog is transported to us in New York - we appreciate your help, but we can handle transport needs, if the situation is warranted.

We are more than happy to keep you informed as to when your dog has been placed. We love to share the good news! But, we don't feel it's appropriate to connect the new adopter to you because they need to feel the dog they are adopting is theirs now, with no strings attached. We do, however, give new adopters the opportunity to contact the former guardians, if they like. It is their choice.

Sometimes, due to space issues, you may be required to keep the dog in your home until a spot opens up. If you can be flexible enough to do that, it can be invaluable to insuring your dog CAN come into the rescue system.

Any donations you'd like to make at the time of surrender are welcome... dog's toys, bedding, food, collar, leash... we will pass along whatever you provide to the new adopters.

There is no funding for what we do except through donations from individuals. We cover whatever costs come up to care for your dog during the time while here, short-term or forever:  heartworm, flea & tick preventative; shots, spay/neuter; blood work; dental; surgery; toys; bedding & food. We never turn a dog away from rescue if a donation is not given, BUT we cannot rescue dogs without financial support from others. Please consider donating funds to help us with your dog’s needs.

We only bring dogs into GHF from the Northeast: CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, & SE CANADA.

We do NOT take Border Collies with aggression issues.