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April 2022
May is just around the corner and we’ve concluded it is best for ASHER to remain in the Sanctuary setting of Glen Highland. He has bravely handled extensive diagnostic testing to handle his auto-immune issues but he’s just not fully stable in a way that would allow him to make a big stressful move. He now has a skin infection underway that came literally, out of nowhere, but with immune suppression, medical situations will pop up unexpectedly as he is so easily at risk of contagion. We expect to handle emergent needs as time goes on and feel Glen Highland is the best way to meet those needs.

In addition, Asher has proven to be afraid of many, many things including sounds and change. Any little change in routine will send him scurrying and any change in human interaction causes extreme worry so keeping his world small and simple is what makes him happiest. Rather than attempt to flee, he just wants to be inside his cozy spot in the Senior room and ride out his fears.

Everyone who sees Asher just falls in love cause he looks like one big puppy but for him, every person is a worrying moment from which he wants to hide. So, we will happily provide a safe refuge from the big world and give him plenty of attention and love just the way he wants it.

We are so appreciative of the kind support for his medical needs, making it possible for us to fully care for him. It’s just heart-wrenching to imagine the life he had dashing and darting away from scary people and places who didn’t want him there as a dog needing food or love…he has such little trust that people are safe. Whatever time he has left as his body fights challenges, we surely hope he will eventually know we are clearly friend not foe. We are all so eager for him to find the peace he so deserves. Thankfully, he loves the other rescue gang and absolutely LOVES his food…one major chowhound this fella is!!!!

March 2022
Good news for ASHER..he is handling the immune-suppressant medication and his platelets are stable. We are cautiously optimistic but nonetheless cheering! His troubles started in early January so at the very least, we are clearly going in the right direction.

He is now off prednisone and requires continued monitoring at the vet to be sure the platelets don't nosedive but we’ve also added a homeopathic platelet supplement used for humans so perhaps with that on board, he will stay on track. He has moved from twice weekly blood draws to once weekly plus lab work to check for any organ damage from prednisone.

A big ‘whisper’ of ‘way to go Asher’ is warranted! Today’s photo (top left) says it all….clear-eyed with energy, he’s hoping for a big yummy treat!!!


At age 10, Asher is finally inside warm and cozy getting real meals each day. He is no longer fending for himself. This is a huge change since he lived on his own ALL HIS LIFE as a stray. Neighbors reported him wandering for the past ten years until someone found him curled up on their porch and felt he would not survive another brutal winter. We could not turn away from such an incredibly sad story so moved him from North Carolina to Glen Highland.

A gentle natured Border Collie mix, he arrived in very rough shape but Asher has taken to life inside just fine, mixing beautifully with five other Seniors and lounging on the couch or bed where it’s truly THE BEST! Had to laugh to see his choices were instant and his desire to head outside was equally as clear - no thanks - out to do his business and right back inside! He is a skittish fella who doesn’t want a lot of touching but we are finally getting tail wags and that expectant happy look when he sees a full food bowl coming his way. He still dodges from touch and darts away with any gesture that seems scary but then comes from behind for a careful sniff. We are building a few steps toward crossing a very long bridge of trust.

While Asher’s emotional needs will take time to heal and he may never trust fully, he also has significant medical needs. Upon arrival, we tackled infected eyes; live fleas and a flea allergy; a fungal skin infection to ease his constant itching; a urinary tract infection and lyme disease. Asher also has a decaying teeth that must be extracted but he needs to be stronger before we can tackle this. His neuter also needs to be postponed til better health. These are all treatable but we are carefully monitoring him for any undiscovered illness.

A true ‘diamond in the rough’, Asher deserves a better life than a street dog. We are humbled by his stamina and survival to date. His first two weeks he slept non-stop, only moving to eat but now, there is a bounce to his step with some energy.

Special thanks to Mike Wyatt who transported from from the NC shelter and Judy Colvin who drove the 2nd leg to meet us. And, a deep appreciation for Denise Rubino from the Ashe County Animal Control who made it possible for Asher to find safe haven.

Sandy & Mike Fazio, GH adopters:
“Live on dear one... You’re now safe!"

Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, sending love, strength and courage as you heal on this journey to a new life

Sue & Bob Strange, Dyson, Snidely & GHF alum Jack: “Thank you for never saying no."

Judy Colvin, Bella, Swayze & Lucy

Pete & Renate Goodloe, In memory of GH alum Doc

Eugenia Reardon:
To a deserving Border Collie

“All who wander are not lost.” He found a home at GH. Best wishes from Connell, Anney, Sky & Linda

With Love from Jim and René Duffy