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Sweet, lovely BEA is a Resident and we are happy to formally be her ‘new home’. At 13, one possible home with a GH adopter didn’t come to fruition and as we watched Bea thinking of her having to adjust to a whole new life, it just didn’t seem fair. So, that ‘no’ led to a huge ‘yes’…she is here to stay in the Sanctuary!

Bea has really blossomed with the other dogs and enjoys a life where ball play is still the main part of the day. She is such a huge toy girl! She'll empty out the toy basket looking for the right toy for that moment. Bea also absolutely loves attention and is the first at the door to say hello to any visitor. Her grand personality is amazing, such a magnificent Border Collie!

Her health diagnostics revealed renal disease underway so we are monitoring her very proactively, moving her to a renal diet. She also has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) so we’re very careful to only play ball in shady areas of the yard since her pupils do not properly dilate smaller. There is nothing to be done for this disease which will eventually make her blind.

Her more compromised health concerns involve two ACL injuries from long ago which clearly create suffering. We have found the right balance for pain medication as well as the MYOS supplement and are able to keep her pain levels down but this is going to require continual bloodwork oversight since she has the renal issues, too.

Bea came to us from Animal Control in Maryland where she had been confiscated for possible abuse, being thrown down stairs. She is about 45 pounds.


With Progressive Retinal Atrophy Bea’s vision will continue to diminish. She is on Gabapentin to relieve pain from significant past injuries to her back legs. Bea was also diagnosed with Renal Disease so she is on a low protein prescription diet. Regular vet visits and bloodwork are required to monitor her kidney values.

Brad Atkinson

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum Lincoln, sending strength and extra love your way

John Murray, in memory of my beloved wife Debra, who also loved dogs

Barbara Erskine, with love from Kate, Angus and GH alum Abby

In memory of GH Alums, Connell & Anney. Linda & Sky send our everlasting love.

Enjoy it all, especially the love, sweet one. Sandy, Mike & GH Alum Ace