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Health Update 1/31/24

Brett has had a very rough life and his body while on the mend and stronger than before, is far weaker than any normal 10 year old. The recently completed diagnostics reveal just how vulnerable he is without real hope of recovery. More will be difficult as time unfolds for him. He is not a candidate for any surgical solutions.

We welcome BRETT as a SANCTUARY RESIDENT and are happy to provide the love he deserves and the continued medical support that will be needed ahead.

His condition is complex with radiographs and an echocardiogram revealing a chronic bronchitis and/or pulmonary disease with degenerative heart valve disease and pulmonary hypertension. Brett will require careful monitoring.

We presume his lethargy is due in part to his lung and heart issues. The other part of Brettís lethargy comes from pain. Brettís orthopedic evaluation explained the difficulties we have seen in his mobility. He looks like an ancient Border Collie when he gets up and down though thankfully once up, can trot pretty well until he canít support his weight and sinks to the ground.

Orthopedic specialist, Dr Bookbinder explained that this is all due to SEVERE bilateral hip dysplasia with the left joint so awful it is likely a trauma as suspected - hit by a car. He also has a chronic collapsed disc space in the middle of his spine making his back pain very significant.

Brett is at risk of a spinal episode and paralysis due to the disc issue and fact that he is a heavy weighted long bodied Border Collie at almost 60 pounds. We understand this can happen at any time with the simplest movement. The news for Brett is deeply sad and rather maddening since it was the neglect that caused what we are seeing now.

The joy we can rest in, however, is his happiness NOW, no matter what.

Brett just loves his new lifeÖa major cuddler, he will lay happily nearby for hours being loved. And, he will join in his rescue palís antics when outside, happy to be a Border Collie. And, of course, he loves his tennis ball time!


In memory of GH Resident Dublin - Pete & Renate Goodloe

In memory of Ray & Lucy - Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman

Sending all our love, support and gentle hugs to help you heal - Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy and GH alum Lincoln

You've found love! Bask and heal in it!! In loving memory of Coopie! - GH alum Ace, Sandy & Mike Fazio

Doug & Dale Rutherford, In memory of GH alum Pace

Leslie Wehr



Brett is in a comfy home at Glen Highland, hanging with other rescues and having great food and great fun…of course a lot of love.  He is thriving and gaining strength. Brett’s expression is softening and he is asking for lots of time to cuddle which is pretty challenging considering he is a whooping 57 pound dog and likely to put on some more pounds!  But, Brett doesn’t care…make a little room for him and he’ll nestle right in that spot.

This sweet guy previously had a nasty life, living in a pen 24/7 in Louisiana. We’re told he escaped often which is likely since his teeth were clearly not worn down from playing ball.  Then he was on a chain to stop the escape which apparently didn’t stop him from getting out. But then, life on the road meant he was hit by a car, supposedly two years ago.  

The Brett that local rescuers found was dying - he could not even lift his head, so weak and malnourished…even the local vet agreed so he was not returned to the owner who came to claim him. Instead, he was threatened with cruelty and Brett finally had his freedom.

So…for all of us at Glen Highland, we are forever grateful for the local rescuers who fought to save him and started him on the road to recovery.  Now, we are still handling Brett's chronic skin infection from fleas and malnutrition as well as badly infected teeth and pain management from the car injury that left him crippled.

Brett has severe pain in his spine and back legs with disc issues and spondylosis that causes him to sink as he attempts to stand upright for very long. He also has a very difficult time getting up and laying down. Though he cannot support his weight for long, he happily trots along once he is upright. Brett loves his ball toss!

A heartfelt thanks to Amy Leigh and Elaine Kilgore who made it possible for Brett to live and contacted us for help.