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Resident DUBLIN returned to Glen Highland in 2021 at age 12, many years after his first rehoming when he was 4 years old. This change will be his last, as he is with us for his remaining years. A happy, super smart Border Collie, he loves his ball as much as he loves people! Focused for lots of attention as well as ball tosses, he wins over anyone he meets.

Dublin has mobility challenges with very severe arthritis throughout his body so we’re providing much needed pain management. When he exercises a bit too much, he has great difficulty getting up or maneuvering for normal play sessions and laying down easily. Like many Seniors, he pushes through discomfort with a strong focused will but as he ages, he will need greater pain relief. He cannot manage any steps whatsoever and all ball games must be played ‘in close’. He sadly has a very challenging case of arthritis, worse than what we often see at Glen Highland at his age.

Dublin is a wonderful Senior full of spunk and the desire for physical activity but in reality, he will need more mental challenges since his body is so compromised. Thankfully, all his lab work indicates good health otherwise. He easily fits with the other Glen Highland rescues.


Dublin has just been diagnosed with a significant heart murmur. We will be monitoring for symptoms that may need to be addressed with prescription meds. He also on a special diet for advanced Renal Disease. Regular vet visits and bloodwork are required to monitor disease progression. Dublin is on Metacam, as needed, and Gabapentin for pain as he has significant arthritis on top of existing orthopedic conditions. He has recovered from a presumed stroke but is being monitored for other neurology symptoms.


In memory of GH alum, Tess. She was an old soul and I learnt so much from her. Thank you for allowing Us to belong to Tess.

Jim & Renee Duffy, in honor of Asher, Lillie Goodrich & the entire Glen Highland Team

Joyce & Neil Yaccarino, in memory of GH alum Katie and in honor of GH alum Chase

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie

Marilyn, Bill, GH Alum Nicky and Gabe