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We said goodbye December 14th to our dear alum, DUBLIN, grateful that we had a Sanctuary to offer him for the past two years. Our door is always open for any GH adoptee and he came back to us at age 12 due to a nasty divorce and left us at age 14. It was like an old pal coming home and everyone new to him instantly adored this charmer. A flashy red head, he was not only gorgeous, Dublin was smart as a whip and quickly in charge of the place.

There are so many ways to describe Dublin but the simplest is ‘he knew best’…keeping an eagle-eye on all the rescues and people who came and went. If Dublin could have driven a car and opened all the doors and handled all the work load, he would have been happiest. Since that wasn’t an option, he bossed around all the dogs, supervising their actions, which by the way, many needed! Truthfully, Dublin was always right…the one he gave a growl or grump to, WAS out of line!

So, we thank this proud guy for gracing us with two great years as a partner in the rescue. He was such a strong presence mentally but as he aged, the degenerative arthritis became crippling. Every limb was turning the wrong way when he moved and it was so much effort. Of course, he didn’t care. At one point, when he couldn’t walk straight any longer, he figured out how to turn in a half circle so he could go right or a full circle to go left - he was brilliant. And, he still had the steam to give the dogs a correction even if his body was oddly moving the wrong way! Kidney disease didn’t stop him, even a rough vestibular bout didn’t take him down…he recovered and left the head tilt and confusion behind…he was back to work.

However, it’s our belief that knowing when to ‘call it’, even for a very determined Border Collie, is just as important as giving them the best life possible. The sacred exit should have grace and dignity which mattered to him. True physical vulnerability left him way too weak in front of the dogs he had guided…we knew that was not what he wanted so we made the plan with him and off he went…soaring back to spirit.

Good grief Dublin…what are we going to do without your help?!!! Not to worry, he says…there are plenty of us brilliant and willful Border Collies lining up for the job!!!

A great two years…we wish we had more! Godspeed DUBLIN.


Resident DUBLIN returned to Glen Highland in August 2021 at age 12, many years after his first rehoming when he was 4 years old. This change will be his last, as he is with us for his remaining years.

A happy, super smart Border Collie, he loves his ball as much as he loves people! Focused for lots of attention, he wins over everyone he meets.

Dublin has mobility challenges with very severe arthritis throughout his body so we’re providing much needed pain management. He cannot do steps at all and when he exercises a bit too much, he has a hard time getting up or maneuvering and laying down easily.

Like many stoic Seniors, he pushes through the discomfort but lets us help him up with a boost. Dublin is an amazing character that is strong-willed and full of vigor and 'go'. His body is so compromised, but Dublin doesn't let that stop him for one second! These days he would rather run up to say "hello" than go after a ball. But Dublin still loves ball games which we play ‘in close’ just for him.