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SANCTUARY RESIDENT GWEN came to Glen Highland as a 5 month old pup, already fearful with a very defensive nature.

She was posted on craigslist, no longer wanted. It was sad to see at that age she already distrusted people. It was clearly going to take a long time to help her and be unlikely to transfer to anyone new. The decision to provide a lifetime where we would manage her worries was easy to make since she was also so sweet and loving, when she felt safe.

Now years later, this protected life has been a wise decision since we have seen Gwen nip, lunge and grab at people when they come too close in her space. Even with a rural lifestyle, plenty of BC friends and hardly any new visitors, Gwen’s fears are deeply seated, just as we suspected.

We are so grateful that Glen Highland could give her a full life of love, joy and committed care. She is an absolutely adorable girl who is fast and focused with her toys, an agile jumper sailing over fences and big time cuddler who the people she knows! Gwen is very happy with her active BC buddies!!

Michael Opalinski: In memory of Zach and Theresa

Doug & Dale Rutherford, In memory of GH alum Pace

Vivienne & Mark Barbadoro, in honor of GH alum Annie

Gregg, Jodi, Rave and Dexter (GHF Alum) in memory of Gregg’s BC girls Peaches and GHF Alum Cassie

Joanie Beskenis and Alan Bing in memory of Lindsay and Fraser-two missed GH alums