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At age 7, GYPSY is a young gal amidst the Seniors but her pal Dublin is here so she is, too. They are a bonded pair with a clear connection of how things work between them... the ball gets thrown which she gets and drops so then he can have his chance... a Border Collie classic in teamwork. Gypsy has also decided that Dublin is the boss so allows him to give her directives though she doesn’t do the same for the other Glen Highland Residents... she is the boss then! Classic female Border Collie, she likes to control the action except with Dublin who states his authority loud and clear.

Gypsy is very affectionate and wants a connection with her person though can by shy with new people. She is a bit of a worrier at first and will want space to sort out new people and what they want from her…she is a thinker and pushing her too quickly isn’t what works best. A little patience and space, she’ll then befriend people on her own timeline which then turns into a forever love-fest.

Gypsy and Dublin have both trimmed up since arrival and are in great shape. She has a pancreatic condition (EPI) so needs special treatment of her meals for proper nutrition. She also needs B-12 shots since often EPI dogs have low levels which she did and will again, without supplementation. Otherwise, her lab work indicates good health.


In remembrance of our beloved GH alums, Mika & Cassy: Cherished memories are tucked away in our hearts forever of so many steps taken together.
- Cathy and Steve Bouck, Ziggy & GH alum, Lincoln.

Gregg, Jodi & Rave in memory of our sweet little red spitfire GH Alum Cassie

Sandy & Mike, Ace & Cooper Fazio -
May your forever home come quickly and surround you with love !!

Gypsy needs 2 more angels!