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SANCTUARY RESIDENT HUNTER bounced from two homes by the time he was 3. A handsome guy with super intensity, his issues were tough - severe car chasing, shadow chasing and food guarding - not an easy combination. As a young BC, Hunter’s intensity was off the charts yet he also had a softer, super sweet side, eager to comply with someone who connected to him. He was a favorite for all the Glen Highland staff even with all his very difficult traits. Over and over again, Hunter was not chosen for adoption. Residency was his only chance at a life so in 2013, we were grateful we could give him safe haven.

Living with Hunter required secure fencing, rural living and constant management. He was a force of intelligence and drive, ahead of us most of the time. If he was bored or could not chase nearby cars, he would madly bark at the ground and grab the grass and dirt, throwing it in the air, wildly digging at the earth. He would enter a ‘zone’ of OCD patterns that was very challenging to live with. While Hunter would respond to intervention by calling his name, he then needed to be occupied with activity or he would revert to barking and repeating the same behavior.

Thankfully, aging has created a softer, gentler Hunter, a sweetheart so easy to enjoy. At 14, he cuddles on the couch, chases some balls and hangs with his BC pals, sometimes even preferring to be inside at your feet while the TV is on - a content, relaxed BC! We are astonished at the changes and frankly, relieved and completely certain that without Glen Highland, Hunter would not be alive. We are glad to give him as full a life as possible.

HEALTH CHALLENGES: Hunter has extensive spondylosis and a disjointed hock, neither fixable with surgery. His pain is managed daily. In 2015, Hunter had a massive medical crisis, hospitalized for a week with no clear diagnosis. He survived but is carefully monitored regularly with bloodwork, urinalysis and exams. He is also on thyroid supplementation.


Abe, Kathy, Joe & GHF alum Sparky

Pete & Renate Goodloe, in memory of GH alums, Doc & Rosie

Cheryl & Bill Lafferty, in memory of Michael Shea Zackin

Karen & Clem Arrison, Deedee & the whole Arrison Gang

Linda Whitman - In memory of John from "the girl with the crazy hair" & GH Alums, Connell, Anney & Sky, too

With much love from Sandy & Mike Fazio, Cooper & GH Alum Ace... "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL"