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September 2021
This funny fella has his own agenda so even though he’s battling so many horrible health things at once, he surely makes the most of it…he lays outside and won’t come in on really gorgeous days (smart is smart) and it’s as if he’s holding court with the world…happy as can be…truthfully we can all learn something from watching a Border Collie on death’s door without a care in the world!

Jude is eating great and fairly similar in strength as he was on arrival…his outside time is limited in length or he truly is too tired to do much so we’re tailoring things to match his level of energy and he is loving it.

When he’s done too much, he can barely get those back legs in sync with the front to go far at all. Sometimes it seems like it’s time to let him go and then he hauls his rump somehow faster along and clearly says NO, NOT YET!


Resident JUDE is estimated to be 10 years old though his health conditions would make him more like 110. He arrived 6/21 to us from a nearby Virginia shelter picked up as a stray. This gorgeous boy quickly had a list of BIG problems to be solved: Heartworm positive; lyme positive; ehrlichia positive and with a neurological deficit that made him barely capable of walking. The shelter started basic diagnostics and gave him the best month they could until a VA border collie lover reached out to tell us he was right in our backyard.

Most of what is wrong with Jude you can’t even see until he begins to move and every limb is disconnected from the other, making it rather painful to watch him. He struggles valiantly to right himself and carries on hoping to enjoy the outdoors. Diagnostic findings from neurology testing concluded he has full spinal spondylosis as well as a cervical disc issue, making his body so painful that any walking would be and will become awfully hard. He’s possibly had a stroke or has a tumor in his brain because Jude, while alert, is not really clear thinking…he’s more disconnected and delayed in all that he does mentally, even knowing where his food bowl is each day.

A tough, long visit at NC State Vet Hospital revealed more strikes against him - a cancerous rectal tumor that has likely metastasized to his lungs. We are heartbroken to know this very, very sweet guy has a very guarded prognosis of months…a year would be unlikely. There is no remedy for this type of cancer.

Spending a minute with this heroic Border Collie makes your heart ache because we all would love to have helped him so much earlier when things could have been turned around. But, here we are, rolling out the red carpet of Glen Highland to give him tons of love; plenty of pain relief and lots of good days outside...he loves a big roll in the grass…quite a charmer anyone would adore to have as their friend.

We are grateful to meet Jude and trust the grace of this time. Love is the only available medicine.

We will continue to monitor his progress with the specialists at NCSU and know the next step when it arrives.



Renate & Pete Goodloe, in memory of GH alum Rosie

Gregg, Jodi & Rave, in memory of GH alum, Flash whose energy is always there to help!

Karen & Clem Arrison, Deedee & the whole Arrison Gang

Sue, Bob, Dyson, Snidely & Jack oxoxo

Jude needs 1 more angel!